Starfield: Where to Get 7.62x39MM Ammo

Abir Hasan
By Abir Hasan
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Image Credit: Bethesda Game Studios

Stock 7.62x39MM Ammo as much as you want!

Starfield harbors a plethora of weapons throughout its vast settled systems. Bethesda has made sure the weapons arsenal is diverse and comes in variations. The game has both advanced and traditional firearms available, as players’ preferred weapon types vary according to their playstyle. All weapons come with different kinds of ammunition. And ensuring a constant supply of this ammo is compulsory as you continuously face adversaries in the RPG.

One such type of ammunition in Starfield is the 7.62x39mm ammo. It is a traditional ammo used for a variety of firearms. But it might not be the easiest of jobs to maintain a constant supply of this ammo. Collecting ammo only by looting might not cover your demand, as combat is a major part of this game. Without further ado, let us dive into the guide about where to get 7.62x39mm ammo in Starfield.

Where to Get 7.62x39MM Ammo in Starfield

The 7.62x39MM ammo is used in three Rifles- 

  • Fury
  • Gallow’s Reach
  • Old Earth Assault Rifle
Starfield: Where to Get 7.62x39MM Ammo
Image Credit: Bethesda Game Studios

So, for the above-mentioned Rifle bearers, looting is the easiest way to collect the ammo. You will find the ammo in containers, enemy loots, and outposts. But as mentioned above, this process isn’t sufficient for the longer run as you only find them in small amounts. 

So, to ensure a constant supply of the 7.62x39MM ammo, purchasing them from weapon vendors is the best option. You can easily purchase this ammo in hefty amounts from your closest gunshop. Notable Weapon Vendor locations-

  • Centaurion Arsenal, New Atlantis, Jemison
  • UC Surplus, The Well, Jemison
  • Jemison Mercantile, New Atlantis, Jemison
  • UC Distribution Center, New Atlantis, Jemison
  • Rowland Arm, Akila City, Akila
  • Shepherd’s General Store, Akila City, Akila
  • Neon Tactical Neon, Volii Alpha
  • Newill’s Goods, Neon, Volii Alpha
  • UC Exchange, Cydonia, Mars

If vendors run out of ammo stock, you can just go to space and wait for 24 hours local time on your ship. After this, you will find the vendor restocked.

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