Starfield: Jessamine Griffin Companion Guide

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If you’re considering taking Jessamine Griffing as a companion in your journey through space, here’s all you need to know before recruiting her.

Bethesda’s latest title, Starfield, sets you off on an epic adventure throughout the cosmos in search of rare artifacts. But along the way, you’ll clash heads with several other amazing people who can definitely add a bit of spice to a rather lonely journey.

You will have the option to team up with them to make your space travel a lot easier and more manageable. Among them, Jessamine Griffin is also one of the optional companions you will encounter.

Jessamine Griffin is a member of the Crimson Fleet and also a mercenary smuggler who is currently looking for work. She is particularly interested in stealth-related jobs since she often seeks opportunities to steal valuables. Also, she seems to be the target of Va’ruun Zealots for something she has done and needs to get off their radar.

Jessamine Griffin Skills

  • Theft (★) – Theft is regarded as one of the best skills in the game. It enables the player or the companion to pickpocket other NPCs in the game for valuables.
  • Ballistics Weapon Systems (★ ★) – Ballistics Weapons System is a Novice Tech skill that improves your spaceship’s ballistic weapons.
  • Concealment (★) – Concealment allows the player to do several times the normal damage when performing sneak attacks and does not set off enemy traps.

How to Recruit Jessamine Griffin

Starfield Jessamin Griffin Companion Guide

In order to recruit Jessamine Griffin, you must first be a part of the Crimson Fleet Faction. Because, meeting Jessamine requires you to board The Key, which is a Crimson Fleet-owned space station located in the Kryx System.

Once you are a part of the faction, head to the Last Nova Bar in the Reckoner’s Core part of the cargo area to finally meet Jessamine.

In a conversation with her, she’ll inform you that she is on the run from Va’ruun Zealots and looking for a way out. You can then offer her to join you as a companion.

One important thing to note is that her salary is 18000 Credits. However, you can easily negotiate down it to 9000 Credits if you select the Persuasion dialogue option.

Can You Romance Jessamine Griffin?

No, Jessamine Griffin is not a romanceable character in Starfield, so you can not enter into a relationship with her.

Jessamine Griffin Assignments

Starfield Jessamine Griffin Companion

Given that she has 2 stars in Ballistics Weapon Systems, it’s best to assign her as a Ship Crew member, as she can provide great combat utility.

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