Star Wars Jedi Survivors: How to Open the Red Chest

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Credit: Respawn Entertainment

Red Chests are a new addition to Star Wars Jedi: Survivors needing special unlocking tools. Here is how you can unlock these chests in the game.

In the previous game, Cal started as a padawan and, as the story progressed, was knighted by Cere. During his journey in the previous game, he repaired his connection with the force and picked up some abilities too. He is not the only one who gets to have new abilities. BD-1 also got some improvements.

Star Wars Jedi: Survivors starts you with all the abilities you have learned in the previous game. But new types of chests and puzzles will block your path until you pick up even more new tricks in this game. Red Chests are new to the game and cannot be unlocked until you get a certain upgrade. So here is how you can unlock Red Chests in this game.

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How to Unlock Red Chests in Star Wars Jedi: Survivors

To unlock the red chests, you will need the electro-dart ability for BD-1. This ability is part of the main story. So you cannot miss it. The actual mission will have you rescue Zee from the Lucrehulk. But you can also unlock this ability earlier than intended when you reach the Fogged Expanse region of Mount Ascent.

After reaching the Fogged Expanse, search for the crashed Imperial Ship. Go up to the main console of the ship, and a cutscene will play. There BD-1 will gain his electro-dart ability. You will have to fight off a few enemies to reach the place.

Credit: Respawn entertainment

Once the electro-dart is acquired, you can go to BD-1’s visor mode and change mode to fire electro-dart. Red chests usually have a blue electric component, as shown in the picture. You need to hit this to give power to the chests and unlock it. So, search for the component and shoot it with the dart, and you will open the red chest in the area.

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