Star Wars Jedi: Survivor – Best Builds

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Star Wars Jedi: Survivor has greatly expanded the combat option from the previous game. Here are some of the best builds we have found.

Star Wars Jedi: Survivors is the sequel to Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order. They established a great base for the game with its previous title, and everything has been expanded greatly in this new game. The skill tree is now divided into several categories, and the stances have been upgraded from two to five.

With the new variety of systems comes a lot of potential for build crafting. The previous game didn’t have much variety of builds, but you get a lot more options for this one. Even though the game has five different stances, you can only equip two at a time. So by mixing and matching stance with abilities, we can make a lot of builds.

With the introduction of cross-guard, dual blade, and dual-wielding stances, there are a lot of options to make a build centered around a character from other star wars media. But even if you are not trying to make an Anakin or Ashoka build, here are some of our best builds that will help you overcome any challenges the game throws.

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Classic Jedi Build

This build relies upon the Single blade and Dual Wielding lightsabers. Throughout all the Star Wars media, we only see these two different stances used by Jedi. So, if you want to have a classic Jedi adventure, these two stances are what you are looking for.

We will focus on the two trees according to our equipped stances for lightsaber abilities. For this one, Single-Blade ability Dash Strike and Dual-Wield ability, Dancing Blades, and Backstep Slash are going to be essential. Other combat abilities you can choose to get as you like them.

dual wielding in star wars jedi: survivors
Respawn Entertainment

You will want the Perfected Stim Formula, Expert Survival Skills, and Teamwork on the Survival tree. They are essential for Cal’s survival as they will reduce the time required to heal and increase the HP and healing of the stims.

On the Force side of things, we will need quite a few upgrades. There are some very good options to get on the force tree. And depending on what force ability you are using more, you can mix and match these. For this build, we will get the following abilities:

  • Superior Hold
  • Channeled Energy
  • Wrenching Pull
  • Parry Push
  • Confusion Mastery

Heavy Blaster Build

Star Wars Jedi: Survivors introduces two new stances to the mix. These are the Kylo Ren-inspired Cross-Guard stance and the Blaster and Blade stance. Cross-guard makes your lightsaber a bit heavy. So it takes longer to wind up an attack, but it also deals more damage than any other stance. As for the blaster, you have a lightsaber on one hand and a blaster on the other.

They are definitely some of the most unique stances we have seen in any Star Wars media, and they are not weak by any means. So if you want to play the game with these new stances equipped, this is the build for you. As discussed, we will be using the Cross-guard and Blaster stances.

blaster stance in star wars jedi: survivors
Respawn Entertainment

For the blaster stance abilities, we will need to get Blaster Cooldown and Point Blank. Both of these abilities make you able to use the blaster more often in combat. Blaster is really good at any range for breaking enemy posters. So if you are using this stance, make sure to take advantage of your blaster. You can also get the Quickdraw skill if you want a deadeye move.

For cross-guard, get Greater Impact and Rolling Thunder. Both of these abilities use the Force to activate. But if you want to expand your attacks without using the Force, get Sundering Swipe and Greater Cleaving Swing. These will give you more options for attacks.

cross guard stance in star wars jedi: survivors
Respawn Entertainment

The survival skill tree is pretty much similar to the previous build. So you want to get Perfected Stim Formula, Expert Survival Skills, and Teamwork. Other than that, if you think any particular skill matches your playstyle or helps you get through different sections, you can also get that.

Force abilities can have good synergy with both of these stances. So you will need to choose carefully to make the most of it. These are the skills we have found that work well with these stances:

  • Channeled Energy
  • Superior Hold
  • Howling Push
  • Confusion Mastery

These are two of the many builds that are good in Star Wars Jedi: Survivors. Mix and match any of the five stances to get your unique build. In this guide, we have given you a few to get started. But the game always encourages you to make your own build by giving you free respec anytime.

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