Star Wars Jedi: Survivor – How to Get More Perk Slots

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Star Wars Jedi: Survivors has a perk system that can be upgraded. Here is how you can get more perk slots in the game.

Star Wars Jedi: Survivors is the sequel to Respawn’s previous Star Wars title. The new game takes the base of the old one and improves it in every way. The skill tree has been expanded, more fighting stances have been added, and, most importantly, a perk system has also been implemented.

Yes, now you can gain additional passive buffs using perks. Perks can be found at various locations of the game. After finding the perks, you can set them at a meditation point. Your character starts with three perk slots, but they can be expanded. Here is how you can extend the perk slot in the game.

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Getting more Perk Slots in Star Wars Jedi: Survivors

You can have a maximum of 10 slots for your character. Three slots are already unlocked when you first unlock the system. Rest of the seven, you will have to find and unlock. Here is a table showing how you can unlock all 7 of the slots in Star Wars Jedi: Survivors.

Perk Slot LocationHow to Unlock it
Pyloon’s Saloon, KobohSold by Zee’s Shop after rescuing Zee. Costs 10 Datadiscs.
Harvest Ridge, KobohUnlocks after solving the Harvest Ridge puzzle in the Red Barn structure located at the top of Harvest Ridge.
Rambler’s Reach Outpost, KobohA large bunker-like abandoned police station on the edge of town. Get inside this structure using a mount and solve the puzzle.
Path of Persistence, JedhaCollect the Essence at the top of the mesa to unlock this slot
Derelict Dam, KobohNeed Koboh Grinder and Force Lift ability unlocked for this one. From the mediation point near the massive dinosaur, burn off Koboh matter and grapple across to reach the metal ledge containing the slot.
Path of Conviction, JedhaThis area can only be accessed after unlocking the ability to use floating drones. Solve the puzzle in the area to get a slot.
Path of Restoration, JedhaRequires Force Dash to reach. Solve the puzzle to get another slot.

These ways, you can earn these seven unlockable perk slots in Star Wars Jedi: Survivors.

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