Star Wars Jedi: Survivor – Bounty Hunter Locations

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Star Wars Jedi: Survivors has a bounty board you can complete. Here are all the bounty locations in the game.

Star Wars Jedi: Survivors take the game’s original format and improve upon it. A couple of years have passed since the last game, and Cal has only gotten stronger during that time. This game does a great job of demonstrating that. Not only has the power level gone up for all the characters, but this game also has a lot more things for the players to do.

One of the new addition in Star Wars Jedi: Survivors is the bounty system. Now you can fulfill your dream of being a star wars bounty hunter in this game. Although it is technically a side activity, there are some good rewards to have in these bounties. A limited number of bounties are available for the players to complete in this game. Here are all the locations for them.

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All Bounty Locations in Star Wars Jedi: Survivors

There are 17 different bounties you can complete in Star Wars Jedi: Survivors. You can accept the bounties from Greez’s cantina and get the rewards from there after completing it. Here is a table showcasing all the bounty locations:

Corde The HalfHalls of Ranvell, Jedha. From the meditation point, zip up on top of the cliff to the left.
Gatt MedoFreight Handling Depot, Coruscant. Find the room with conveyor belts guarded by Haxion Brood Shock Commandoes.
Jo the CannibalDefeat 15 bounty hunters, including Killi Oso. Then talk to Caij to reveal his location. He is found at Yurt Barracks.
Kip OstarDerelict Dam, Koboh. Look around until you find a tunnel. He is waiting inside it.
Korej LimDevastated Settlement, Koboh.
Kenn FInauHangar Bay Exterior, Nova Garon.
Kle-0Hangar Bay Exterior, Nova Garon.
Kili OsoSanctuary Temple, Jedha. After defeating 14 bounties, talk to Caij until you cannot fast-travel to this location. Then go there to start the encounter.
Masi FinauHangar Bay Exterior, Nova Garon.
MashAutomated Forge, Shattered Moon. From the meditation point, walk into the area without the Droid NPC.
Meyen CorrHarvest Ridge, Koboh. In the valley between Boiling Bluff and the Untamed Downs.
PR-85T The Other HalfHalls of Ranvell, Jedha. From the meditation point, zip up on top of the cliff to the left.
RazForest Array, Koboh. Go to the upper level and find the bird to start the encounter.
Selfin JookObservatory Understructure, Koboh. From the meditation point, zip up the floating platform.
Valsyn MartzFogged Expanse, Koboh. You will find him guarding treasure after clearing the area.
YuhongPath Of Restoration, Jedha.
Caij VandaAfter completing the bounty board, travel to the Stone Spires to trigger the final bounty.

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