Space Groove Twisted Fate Skin: Splash Art, Release Date, and Price

Twisted Fate is getting a new cosmetic in the upcoming Space Groove 2022 skin line.

Every patch, League of Legends rolls out updates to improve and diversify the game. Part of the process is to add more cosmetics to the game in the form of skins for champions. Therefore, in almost every patch, new skins are released for players to buy and use in-game. New and old skin lines have had releases this year, like the upcoming Empyrean ones or the popular Spirit Blossom skin line.

In terms of recipients for skins, Twisted Fate is among the highly prioritized ones. In the past three years, Twisted Fate has received three skins, bringing his total number to 13. Each skin has its perks, but introducing new skins has diversified his cosmetics portfolio.

Thus, another addition to Twisted Fate’s skins list is a Space Groove version. This will be skin number 14 for the champion in a different theme, and it was revealed early. Here is what we know about Space Groove Twisted Fate so far.

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Release Date

Space Groove Twisted Fate is expected to be released in Patch 12.22 on November 17th, 2022. This is the day after Patch 12.22 is anticipated to be introduced to the game.


Space Groove Twisted Fate will be an Epic Skin. Thus, the price will be 1350 RP for the skin.

Splash Art

The Splash Art for Space Groove Twisted Fate is as follows.

Space Groove Twisted Fate
Image Credit: Riot Games

Also, as the skin was revealed early, we have a video of what the skin looks like and the abilities and recall animations. Here is it as follows.

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