Space Groove Ornn Skin: Splash Art, Release Date, and Price

Ornn is getting a new skin, as the new Space Groove 2022 skins were revealed early.

League of Legends has been introducing new skins in almost every patch this year. We have had many different skin lines getting additions, such as Bewitching, Spirit Blossom, etc. The champions selected for the skins are often picked on a priority list by Riot.

Ornn has been one of the champions that have not received a skin in a while. Despite being released in 2017, Ornn only has two skins. This has been a talking point in social media for a long time, as Ornn has not received a skin since 2020. Given how much Ornn is played in professional play, it’s a travesty that Ornn hasn’t received another skin for this long.

Thus, according to a new video, Riot has decided that new skins for Ornn are in order, and he is now receiving a skin. Space Groove Ornn is on the docket, as it will be in PBE soon. Here is what we know so far.

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Release Date

The release date for Space Groove is expected to be in Patch 12.22, on November 17th. This will be a day after Patch 12.22 is expected to be released. Skins like Space Groove Teemo and others in the skin line will be released alongside this one.


Space Groove Ornn will be an Epic skin. Thus the price will be 1350 RP for the skin.

Splash Art

The splash art for Space Groove Ornn is as follows.

Space Groove Ornn
Image Credit: Riot Games

Also, we have the video of the skin that was revealed early. Here it is as follows:

Video Credit: BigBadBear

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