Space Groove Gragas Skin: Splash Art, Price, & Release Date

Riot has revealed the upcoming Gragas skin, Space Groove Gragas,  which will release on patch 12.22.

As the preseason 2023 is around the corner, Riot Games have revealed the final event of 2022 or season 12, Space Groove 2022.

Released in 2021, Space Groove is one of the unique skin lines in League of Legends. It is an alternative universe where champions act like they are in a Saturday morning cartoon or a cereal commercial. It is one of the most lighthearted skin lines/universes in League of Legends.

The original skin line featured 9 unique skin, including the prestige skin. These skins are Space Groove Lux, Space Groove Samira, Space Groove Rumble, Space Groove Blitz & Crank, Space Groove Nunu & Willump, Space Groove Nasus, Space Groove Lulu, and Space Groove Gwen.

Space Groove 2022, on the other hand, including the prestige skin, features 8 different skins. One of these skins is Space Groove Gragas.

Gragas is one of the oldest characters in League of Legends. Even though released over 10 years ago, his kit managed to have a balance between simplicity and complexity. But having a very outdated model limited Riot in making skins for Gragas.

Furthermore, Gragas has 11 skins. Even though the previous skin, Warden Gragas, was released in 2021, the skin before that was released in 2018. And the newest addition to Gragas’s skins roster will be Space Groove Gragas.

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Space Groove Gragas

Splash Art

Space Groove Gragas
Image Credits: Riot Games


Since Space Groove Gragas will be an epic tier skin, it will cost 1350RP.

Release Date

The Space Groove Gragas skin will release alongside the other Space Groove skins in patch 12.22. Moreover, it will hit live servers on Nov 17, 2022.

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