Sova Receives a Major Nerf in VALORANT Patch 4.08

Nafiu Aziz
By Nafiu Aziz
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Image Credit: Riot Games

One of VALORANT’s most popular skill-based agents Sova will receive a significant nerf in patch 4.08.

VALORANT, a 5v5 tactical shooter from the developers of League of Legends, disrupted the first-person shooter market with their unique take on the genre. Despite VALORANT being their first foray into the tactical shooter genre, Riot managed to carve up a niche for themselves in the competitive market mainly due to their colorful cast of characters, all with unique skill sets.

And as with any other always-evolving game with hero shooter elements, properly balancing new and past characters can be difficult. Riot always tends to tweak past agents as well as introduce completely new ones to keep the meta from going stale.

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In VALORANT patch 4.08, Riot Games is planning on making massive changes to their agent meta through nerfing two of their most picked characters in the game. Alongside Jett, Sova will also receive a nerf in the next patch.

It will be a painful day for all those Sova one tricks with thousands of shock dart lineups on different maps as Riot has decided to reduce the damage of Shock Dart to 75. Also, the Drone will last for only 8 seconds, but it will be slightly faster than before.

Sova Nerfs

  • Shock Dart now does 75 Damage
  • Drone now only lasts for 8 seconds, and scans only twice with a delay.
  • Drone seems to be a bit faster though

Sova has been a must-pick for some maps in VALORANT for a while with his efficiency in gathering information for his teammates. Riot plans to bring his power down a notch with these nerfs to make it fair for other initiators in the current meta.

When Will Sova Nerf Arrive?

The Sova Nerf will arrive alongside VALORANT patch 4.08 on April 26, 2022.

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