Sorry You’re Currently Prevented From Playing Palworld Xbox – Error Fix

Akib Aditya Khan
By Akib Aditya Khan
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Here is how to fix the Sorry You’re Currently Prevented From Playing Palworld Error on Xbox.

Palworld is now the talk of the town in the gaming community with millions of players swarming the servers with just early access to the game release. The game has seen massive success just at the early access and also has beaten many records set by other successful games earlier. However, as the game is still in the early access, players are facing different kinds of errors regularly. 

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One of the most commonly faced errors for Xbox players is the one that reads, “Sorry you’re currently prevented from playing Palworld.” This is an update error that prevents you from loading the multiplayer feature of the game without properly installing the update of the game. This problem is only being faced by Xbox players, as the Steam version receives all its updates automatically. If you’re one of the people facing this error, this guide will help you solve the ‘Sorry You’re Currently Prevented From Playing Palworld’ error on Xbox.  

How To Fix ‘Sorry You’re Currently Prevented From Playing Palworld’ Error On Xbox

Update Your Game

As this is an update issue, you will need to update the game first to solve the problem. For this, you can manually update Palworld from the Xbox Store. To open the Store, click on your Xbox button and go to your game library. From there, select Palworld and check if any update is available. 

Restart Your Console

If you cannot find any new pending updates but the problem is still persistent, restarting your console might fix the issue for you. Many times, restarting and rebooting the console loads up new updates and helps to solve the update-related issues on Xbox. So, if you cannot find any update manually, restart your console to see if any new update loads or not. 

Reinstall The Game

If restarting the console is not also loading up any new updates, uninstall the game from your console and restart it again. Now, head over to the store and install it again. This might help you to solve the problem by directly downloading the latest version. 

Reset Your Console

If none of the above-mentioned fixes are working, your only way to solve the problem is by resetting your entire console and setting it up again. This will solve all the problems in your stores with pending updates, and will hopefully solve the update issue regarding Palworld in Xbox as well. 

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