How to Get Ancient Civilization Parts in Palworld

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Farm Ancient Civilization Parts in no time!

Besides Pokemon-like creatures, Palworld also offers a unique blend of ancient and Advanced technologies. From weapons to utilities, each one comes in many varieties, all gradually unlocking as you level up. With each new level, you unlock several new structures and item recipes, which you craft using technology points.

And if you have already played for a few hours, you must also have used ancient technology points. But there’s another resource that you will use to unlock advanced ancient gears called Ancient Civilization Parts.

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Ancient Civilization Parts in Palworld are rare materials that are prerequisites for crafting many ancient structures and items. From Egg incubators to Plasma cutters, you will be needing these parts in several technologies as you go deeper into the game.

But finding Ancient Civilization Parts can be a very tough task. Rest easy, as we can help you get your hands on some. So, without any further ado, jump into find out How to Get Ancient Civilization Parts in Palworld.

How to Get Ancient Civilization Parts in Palworld

How to Get Ancient Civilization Parts in Palworld
Credit: Pocket Pair

Ancient Civilization Parts are indeed rare, but there are ways to farm them. You can get them as drops in two ways in Palworld. One way includes looking for purple or red chests, which, to be honest, are very hard to come by. They spawn randomly, and there’s no way to predict one’s location.

The best way to get Ancient Civilization Parts in Palworld is by defeating Alpha Pals. Alpha Pals are larger in size and are way stronger than the normal ones.

One way to detect an Alpha Pal is by the color of their name. Alpa Pals will have a red-colored hue on their overhead names. An Alpha Pal generally drops 2-3 Ancient Civilization Parts, but the numbers vary according to their levels. Try looking for lower-level Alpha Pals and remember their spawn location to farm Ancient Civilization Parts.

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