All Alpha Pals Locations in Palworld

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All Alpha Pals Locations in Palworld

In the world of Palworld, the Alpha Pals are the undisputed rulers. These rare and powerful creatures roam openly, ready to be captured. Think of them as the game’s boss monsters, offering a unique challenge.

Imagine this: Alpha Pals, larger and more powerful, prepared to unleash their destructive attacks in boss battles. These are definitely not your ordinary Pals. These special beings have designated respawn spots, making them a constant force to be reckoned with. To capture them, you’ll need the mighty Mega Spheres.

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They are extremely rare and precious, almost as if they come with their own security detail. Some players believe they can spot differences in stats and skills between Alpha Pals and regular Pals, while others think it’s just a myth. We’ll provide you with all the details and their whereabouts so you can judge for yourself. Hop in!

All Alpha Pals in Palworld

Below, we have sorted out all the Alpha Pals you can find in Palworld. Can’t slay one? Beat them to death to get rewarded with valuable items.

PalTypeLevelWork SuitabilityLocationDropped Materials
AzurobeWater/Dragon17Watering 3Bamboo GrovesCloth
BushiFire23Kindling 2
Handiwork 1
Gathering 1
Lumbering 3
Transporting 2
Sealed Realm of the SwordmasterBone, Ingot
ChilletIce/Dragon11Gathering 1
Cooling 1
Rayne Syndicate’s towerLeather
FelbatDark23Medicine Production 3Sealed Realm of the AbyssCloth, Small Pal Soul
FenglopeNeutral25Lumbering 2Falls MineshaftLeather, Horn
GrintaleNeutral17Gathering 2Eastern Wild IslandHigh Quality Pal Oil
GumossGrass/Ground13Planting 1Hillside CavernBerry Seeds, Gumoss Leaf
KatressDark23Handiwork 2
Medicine Production 2
Transporting 2
Sealed Realm of the InvincibleLeather, The body fur of Crémeo, High Grade Technical Manual
KillamariDark13Transporting 2
Gathering 1
Hillside CavernVenom Gland
KingpacaNeutral23Gathering 1Small SettlementWool
MammorestGrass38Planting 2
Lumbering 2
Mining 2
Grassy Behemoth HillsHigh Quality Pal Oil, Leather, Mammorest Meat
PenkingWater/Ice15Watering 2
Handiwork 2
Mining 2
Cooling 2
Transporting 2
Sealed Realm of the Frozen WingsIce Organ, Penking Lume
PetaliaGrass28Planting 3
Handiwork 2
Gathering 2
Medicine Production 2
Transporting 1
Sealed Realm of SpiritsBeautiful Flower
QuivernDragon23Handiwork 1
Gathering 2
Mining 2
Transporting 3
Sealed Realm of the TyrantHigh Quality Pal Oil

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