Sons Of The Forest: How to Get the Katana

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Sons Of The Forest: How to Get the Katana

Why wander elsewhere whereas you can get fresh info on how to get the Katana in Sons of the Forest from here?

Sons of The Forest lets you wander around a cannibal-bound forest. The survival elements require you to manage your hunger, thirst and sleep while also defending yourself against various threats. Moreover, you must scavenge for resources, craft weapons, and build a shelter to survive. Feature like a day-night cycle, with nighttime bringing more dangerous enemies and challenging gameplay along with making the ambiance more enjoyable.

One of the game’s standout features is its crafting system, which allows players to create a wide range of items and structures using materials found in the forest. From basic tools and weapons to more advanced items like armor and explosives, the crafting system is a crucial aspect of the gameplay experience.

Now, we will be talking about a special weapon that you can find in Sons of the Forest. It is nothing other than the famous Katana. Needless to say the popularity and the damage that can be dealt with this ferocious weapon. Let’s get into the depth of this.

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How to get the Katana in Sons of the Forest

The Katana is one of the most powerful melee weapons in Sons of the Forest. This long curved sword with a razor-sharp edge that can slice through your foes with ease. It is also incredibly fast and agile, allowing you to easily dodge enemy attacks while striking back with swift and deadly precision.

However, the Katana is not without its drawbacks. It has a relatively short range compared to other weapons, and its effectiveness decreases as it becomes damaged. You will need to maintain and repair the Katana regularly to keep it in top condition. Despite this shortcoming, the Katana remains a favorite among players for its speed, power, and versatility in combat.

Now, a Katana can be found in the South-Eastern green area, as pointed out in the picture below. You will find a cave entrance in front of you. And that is where our journey will begin.

katana sons of the forest
Katana can be found in the South-Eastern green province 
  • Navigate through the cave: The cave can be dark and treacherous, so be sure to bring a light source and any necessary supplies. Walk till you spot a hole in the ground. Get through it.
  • Get to the Stairs: Eventually, you will come across two staircases. Take the left one that is going downward. Keep heading forward and you will end up in front of a security door.
katana sons of the forest
Take the left stair that goes down

Level 1

  • Open with Keycard: I assume you already have access to the Keycard that you have picked up from Maintenance Site A. Punch the card and access through it.
Open with the Keycard
  • To Enter or Not To Enter!: After taking some steps down the stairs, you will come across this yellow-golden-colored door. Before you enter, I would suggest taking a break because the night is long the hunters are hungry. Once you are ready, get ready for an ambush.
katana sons of the forest
Prepare before entering
  • Clear Level 1: After a heavy-duty call, walk to the end of this corridor. Before that, take all you can and leave no stone unturned. Now, at the end of this corridor, you will again come across two staircases. Take the left one and you will be in the Level 2 area.

Level 2

level 2 katana sons of the forest
Head to Level 2 area
level 2 katana sons of the forest
Enter Level 2 area
  • Get what you came for: The room you want to be in is on the second section of the hallway. However, check all the rooms for items and all. Now, head toward the second section and get inside this room.
This room is on the Second section of the hallway
  • Equip the Katana: Inside the room, you will find yourself in a living quarter. The Katana will be one stad. Grab it and you are good to go.
katana sons of the forest
Grab the Katana from the stand
  • How about a Golden Armor?: Get out of that room and get inside the next one. You will find the special Golden Armor inside. Grab it as well.
Golden Armor sons of the forest
Seize the Golden Armor on the way

Level 5

  • Head to Level 5: Now we need to get out. For that, we will need to go down the stairs again until we reach Level 5. I know what you are thinking. The thing is, the rest of the Levels are closed, so…yeah. Tough Luck! Head to the end of the hallway but before taking the exit, get inside the morgue area. On the top of a corpse, you will find the Golden Mask. Things are feisty!
Golden Mask sons of the forest
Grab the Golden Mask as well!
  • Exit: Get out of the Morgue area and use the Keycard on the Double door. Take the passageway through the cave and soon you will find yourself out of this facility.
katana sons of the forest
Punch the Keycard on the Door.

And that is all I had for the Katana in Sons of the Forest. Check out our other cooked materials, like all console commands and cheats, and how to get a shovel in Sons of the Forest. Prosst!

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