Sons of the Forest: How To Find Holosprings Pamphlet

Abu Bakar Karim
By Abu Bakar Karim
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Sons of the Forest: How To Find Holosprings Pamphlet

Learn all about the Holosprings Pamphlet that you can find in Sons of the Forest.

If you’re looking for a game that will have you on the edge of your seat, frantically smashing buttons and screaming at your screen, Sons of the Forest might just be the game for you. And who knows, maybe you’ll even learn a thing or two about survival in the great outdoors.

Sons of the Forest promises even more features than its predecessor, including improved graphics, new creatures, and a dynamic weather system. Plus, devs have promised that there will be more crafting options and even more ways to build and fortify your base.

Now, let’s talk about a bit of the Holosprings Pamphlet. Say, what’s a survival horror game without confusing collectibles that serve no apparent purpose? Sure, you might be scratching your head as to why you even need this thing, but hey, gotta catch ’em all, right?

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How to Find Holosprings Pamphlet in Sons of the Forest

Did you know that Sons of the Forest also features a talking volleyball? That’s right, Wilson has some competition in the form of a chatty beach ball named Bob. Now if only Bob could explain the purpose of the Holosprings pamphlet…where were we?

Yes, on a quest to find the Holosprings Pamphlet. According to the pin-pointed map below, head to the crashed Plane site, to be specific. If you seem lost, the crash site is the East of Maintenance Site B.

Holosprings Pamphlet sons of the forest

The pilot is dead straight on the seat; as usual, do not mind him. On the right wing of the plane, you will find the Pamphlet. Pick it up, and there we go.

So, if you’re a completionist who wants to scour every nook and cranny in the woods, here’s the scoop. While you might not know what this thing does, at least you’ll have the satisfaction of knowing you’ve collected it.

And that is all I had for the difficulty changing process in Sons of the Forest. Check out our other cooked materials, like all console commands and cheats, and all the creatures in Sons of the Forest. Prosst!

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