Sons of the Forest: How To Craft Red Mask

Ashia Bente Rabbani
By Ashia Bente Rabbani
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Credit: Endnight Games

Red Mask is used to protect yourself from the cannibal people on the island in the Sons of the Forest game. This guide will show you how to craft Red Mask.

Sons of the Forest is a horror and survival-themed video game. The game will take place on an island whose people are cannibalistic. You must survive and accomplish the assignments while living among cannibalistic people. Gamers will be given weapons and armor to use in battle. Also, Kelvin, your companion in this game, can find resources and craft items for you.

One of the most popular items in the game is the Red Mask, which players can craft to protect themselves from the hostile creatures in the forest. Crafting the Red Mask requires a few specific items, but it’s relatively easy to make once you have them.

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How To Craft Red Mask

To craft Red Mask, you may follow the steps below:

Find the 3D Printer

To find the 3D Printer, you must go to North East region in the game’s map and then go to the underground area through the crack with your torch lighted up to see in the dark and keep yourself protected.

Once you get into the underground, you will find a room where you will see a Laptop. Get close to the Laptop and Press R on your keyboard to select Red Mask. There you will find the 3D Printer.

Give Resins

Give 150 Resins to print out the Red Mask, or you can say to craft it out of the 3D Printer. After you have found the 3D Printer, you must press E to give the 3D Printer the command to print the craft Red Mask.

Once it has made the Red Mask, collect it by pressing E on your keyboard.

This way, Red Mask can be crafted in Sons of the Forest.

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