Sonic Frontiers: How To Fast Travel

All the ways you can fast travel in the new Sonic Frontiers.

Sonic Frontier is the biggest Sonic The Hedgehog game as of now. It’s an open-world game with huge areas that you can speed through. Sonic is one of the fastest video game characters we know, and till now, we have relied on his sheer speed to get through levels to save the day.

But in Sonic Frontiers, the maps are so large that blazing with supersonic speed doesn’t cut it anymore. Hence, Sonic Frontiers offers a fast travel system for the first time. Fast travel allows you to jump between different zones or even different locations within a zone.

Fast Travelling is a common and essential feature in any open-world game. Likewise, it is also a valuable tool in Sonic Frontiers. It allows you to revisit zones to complete unfinished business, such as side quests and collectibles. Or it helps you save a lot of time from unnecessary manual traveling.

Furthermore, there are a couple of ways you can fast-travel in Sonic Frontiers. If you’re looking to learn about how you can fast-travel in Sonic Frontiers, follow this guide. We will outline how you can use the fast travel system in the game and how to use it.

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Fast Travelling in Sonic Frontiers

How To Fast Travel between Zones

Sonic Frontiers how to Fast Travel
credits: Sonic Team

Fast Travelling between zones or different islands is unlocked as you play through the game’s main storyline. After a new Island is unlocked to travel to, you can open the map to fast-travel between each island zones. It works like most games that have the fast-traveling feature.

To do this, open the map from the options menu and select the Select Maps option. From here, you scroll between different maps that you’ve unlocked. Then, choose and fast travel to any of them you like from here.

Furthermore, this is the only way you can revisit past islands and zones in Sonic Frontiers; by fast travel. So you’ll be using this more than expected, especially if you like collecting all collectibles or picking up all side-quests.

How To Fast Travel within a Zone

Unlocking fast travel within the same zone in Sonic Frontiers takes much more effort. There are two ways you can fast travel in different areas of the same, and for both of them, you need to complete specific tasks.

1) Completing the Puzzle Gimmicks

Puzzle Gimmicks are various puzzles spread across each island zones. Some of the puzzles are simple, while a few take a lot of time or are complex to solve. Nevertheless, completing them is worth it as they unlock Cyberspace Portals.

You can use these portals to travel fast within the same zone in Sonic Frontiers.

2) Obtaining Elder Koco’s Scroll and Hermit Koco’ Scroll

Sonic Frontiers how to Fast Travel
credits: Sonic Team

Travel through the purple cyberspace portals to Big The Cat’s fishing mini-game areas. Apart from nabbing giant and useful catches of fish, you can also catch special items like treasure chests and scrolls. There are two: i) Elder Koco’s and Hermit Koco’s scroll.

Elder Koco and Hermit Koco are NPCs through who you can unlock upgrades to Sonic. Instead of wasting time to get them on foot, you can use these scrolls to teleport to them automatically. While this is not a proper fast-traveling method, it can save you a lot of time if you want to travel to an area near the Kocos or upgrade. The downside is that you’d still have to run back to your previous area if you want to head back.

Traveling using Challenge Rails in Sonic Frontiers

Sonic Frontiers how to Fast Travel
credits: Sonic Team

Not fast traveling, but it still lets you cover large distances very quickly and with style. Complete environmental challenges scattered throughout the maps to unlock oversized slidable rails near them. You can ride these rails to glide effortlessly across a considerable part of the map. But it only takes you to the next environmental challenge area. Although not an actual fast-traveling method, it can still take you to your desired location in no time.

These are all the ways you can fast travel in Sonic Frontiers. Now you can enjoy exploring all the zones and areas with the blue buzz with minimal effort and time.

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