Riot Talks About Social Media Feedback Regarding League of Legends

Fahim Shahriar
By Fahim Shahriar
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Riot has recently addressed some of the concerns regarding Social Media feedback.

One of the biggest gripes about League of Legends, for many players, is the lack of transparency by Riot. Players in the community felt as if Riot had not been listening to player feedback regarding the changes they brought to the game. This has created many issues over the years, and Riot is aware of the fact as well.

Thus, earlier in the year, Riot promised that they would be more transparent regarding community feedback and future plans for the game. Apart from some skin-related disasters, they mostly kept their end of the bargain. But the recent Ping changes seem to have fueled the conversation once again.

In Patch 13.20, Riot introduced some rather controversial Ping Adjustments to the game. They removed some pings from the game and also stripped down the ally ping functionality. Thus giving the player even fewer options to communicate with their teammate in a game that is primarily team-focused.

Riot’s reasoning behind the changes was to lessen toxicity within the game. Although it might have stopped toxicity in some scenarios, it also took away one of the most crucial aspects of the game: communication.

That said, most of the player base wasn’t too happy with the changes. They asked Riot on various Social Media platforms to revert the chance, but Riot didn’t seem too interested in reverting them.

Thus, we come to the recent Social Media feedback controversy and Riot’s response to it.

Riot’s Response to the Social Media Feedback

Riot Praeco, in a recent Reddit post, responded to the Social Media feedback controversy. He stated that Riot does look into social media feedback, and Riot considers them “an important data point.”

He also responded to the allegations of Riot ignoring social media feedback due to them not being representative of the entire player base. Riot Praeco stated that they might not be the bulk of the player base, but they do not ignore them. He also stated that social media platforms like Reddit sometimes lead to possible solutions.

According to the Rioter, “We would be doing a shitty job if we just ran with the opinions of a small, vocal number of players. We HAVE to listen to them, but, again, it is part of our job to make sure that we service our entire audience and find the best solution for the individual problem.”

Overall, this was a pretty well-articulated response from Riot Praeco. But it won’t actually mean much if Riot doesn’t actually implement at least some of the community-suggested changes.

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