Ping Adjustments in LoL Patch 13.20

Fahim Shahriar
By Fahim Shahriar
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Image Credit: Riot Games

Riot has introduced new Ping adjustments in the latest patch.

Communication plays a big part in any game, but when it comes to Esports titles, it’s absolutely necessary. Due to these titles being multiplayer games, it requires all participating players to work together, thus requiring good communication.

That said, despite League of Legends being one of the most popular multiplayer titles in the world, the game is lacking when it comes to communication. The game does not support voice chat functionality. Thus, the most optimal way to communicate is via the In-Game Chat.

But because of how notoriously toxic the League of Legends fanbase is, most people avoid the in-game chat and use Pings and Emotes instead. However, the player base somehow managed to turn the simple ping system into a weapon for toxicity. For example, toxic players use Alive-ping if any ally makes a mistake or use Bait-ping to signify self-harm, and so on.

Thus, on Patch 13.20, Riot has implemented ping adjustments to deter toxicity and improve the League experience.

In this article, we will review the Ping Adjustments and see how they would impact the game.

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Patch 13.20 Ping Adjustments

Here are all the Ping adjustments included in Patch 13.20,

  • Allied scoreboard pings are now sent to your premade party instead of being self-only.
  • For 10 seconds after getting a champion takedown, all allied scoreboard pings directed at your champion are visible to the team.
  • The bait ping has been replaced with the enemy vision ping, and the hold ping has been replaced with the need vision ping.
  • The vision cleared ping, and the vision ping wheel has been removed.
Ping Adjustments
Image Credit: Riot Games

It seems Riot has made some exciting changes to the ping system. First, allied scoreboard pings are no longer self-only and should now be visible in the premade party. Although most would like to have the old system of being able to ping everyone back, it’s a necessary change to stop toxicity.

Riot has also removed the vision cleared ping and the vision ping as not many people used them. Lastly, Riot has finally removed the bait ping and replaced it with the need vision ping.

Overall, these are some good changes and should help with combating toxicity.

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