Riot Talks About Snowballing and Game Time Changes in League of Legends

Shadman Sabik Zaim
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Riot talks about the status of Snowballing and Game Time in League of Legends, as changes may be coming soon.

Plenty of new information has come out in the past few days by Riot regarding League of Legends. Riot has talked about a ton of changes coming to League of Legends soon. 2024 is going to be a huge year for League of Legends.

Preseason is getting major changes as Ranked is getting three splits now. Also, they are removing the Preseason patches in the live servers. Mythic Items are removed, as Riot will do an alternative for the system.

With that said, Riot has talked about certain things in the game thus far. Snowballing and Game Time were part of this article. Riot talks about the current state of both these topics and what they will do in the future. Here is what we know so far.

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Riot Talks Snowballing and Game Time

Riot talks about both these aspects of League of Legends in great detail. They divide up the topics into Elite play vs. Regular play so you can understand the perspective they are coming from.


In terms of Snowballing, Riot is happy with it in Regular Play. Average Solo Queue games have done a good job at keeping Snowballing balanced, with Bounties being available as well. The game is very back and forth, so Riot is fairly happy with it so far.

For Elite play, Riot has some concerns. Particularly in Pro Play, it is apparent that teams can Snowball too hard. A lot of it is due to how Objectives like Turret Plates, Dragons, etc., function. While a lot of power was given to Objectives, they skewed Snowballing in Elite play.

On the laning end of things, everything is balanced. It seems that players cannot run away with their advantage if they play carelessly. So, things look good in Riot’s eyes in this case at the moment.

Game Time

Riot is pretty happy with the length of games at the moment. Laning and mid to late-game stages are of similar length. Regular play Game Times are slightly longer, while Elite play Game Times have remained consistent for a few years.

Future Changes

In terms of Future Changes to both Game Time and Snowballing, Riot had a fair bit to say. For Game Time, Riot does not want to do too much. However, they are planning changes for Snowballing to reduce the effect of it in Elite play.

This will have some impact on Game Time, but Riot believes it is worth the risk. As for changes, they are looking at changes to jungle impact, early death impact, and decreasing rewards for early game objectives. That could mean nerfing, ganking junglers, and reducing turret plate gold and such. They aim to make changes for both after Worlds 2023.

It is an interesting topic for Riot to talk about, as they want to be as transparent as they can. These insights inform players as to how Riot looks at things and what they want to change. While many players will not agree with their thought process, at least Riot is being forthcoming with it.

As Riot themselves said, these changes will mostly affect Pro play, and they know many players are not interested in it. However, Riot also said they want to strike a balance, and hopefully, they can achieve it. That way, they can make most players happy, and that will be a good day at the office.

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