Sniper Elite 5: Secret Weapons Workbench Locations

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Here are all the Secret Weapon Workbench locations in Mission 7.

Sniper Elite 5 offers an open world for you to explore and rule. Inside France, you will go across different maps and kill your targets in the way you like. Moreover, there are all kinds of secrets and collectibles in Sniper Elite 5. Collectibles come in sorts of forms in the game, and inside Mission 7, these collectibles will give you the ability to improve your weapons. Furthermore, below we have added all Secret Weapon Workbench locations.

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All Secret Weapon Workbench locations

There are three Workbench Locations inside Mission 7, where each consists of a Pistol, SMG, and Rifle Workbench. However, there are all kinds of things you can look for in this mission, so missing these can be easy. Plus, Rebellion has done an excellent job hiding them for us gamers to spot. Moreover, below we have added all the locations of the Secret Weapons Workbenches in the game.

Rifle Workbench

Now to start with the Rifle Workbench, head north from where you had to sabotage the V2 rockets. You can check out the picture to get a clear idea of where you need to go. You will notice a small building like an Axis Armory and get inside it.

First, you will need to kill and loot an officer nearby to get inside. Players can also use a Satchel Charge to go inside of the room. After you are inside the room, find your first Workbench in Mission 7.

SMG Workbench

Now to head to the SMG Workbench, first head over to the Dome of the V2 Launch Site. Now inside, the Dome looks for a corridor that goes down using a spiral staircase. Furthermore, remember to fight off enemies as this place is crawling with them.

After you are on the second floor, go left through a narrow hallway. You can use a satchel Charge to break the door at the end of this hallway or go through the vent inside the kitchen. Inside the room, you will find the workbench for SMG.

Pistol Workbench

Finding the Pistol Workbench is the easiest of the bunch here. All players have to do is go inside the cave beside the waterfall. Go east of the castle, the southwest corner of the map. After you are inside the hallway, you will see some wooden objects. In fact, you can dismantle them or use Satchel Charge to break through everything and obtain the Secret Weapon Workbench.

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