Sniper Elite 5: How To Get All Weapons In The Game

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Credit: Rebellion Developments

Here is a complete list of all the weapons in the game.

In Sniper Elite 5, there are more than just snipers to kill your enemies with and make way through the chapters. Even though the game is named Sniper Elite 5, Rebellion will still let you have fun with semi-automatic guns and pistols. Moreover, if you are confused about how to unlock all these weapons, below, we have made a complete guide on how to get all the guns in Sniper Elite 5.

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How to Get all the weapons in Sniper Elite 5

There are 18 weapons in Sniper Elite 5, consisting of 6 Snipers, 6 SMGs, or Assualt Rifles, and 6 Pistols. Not always can you rely on your Sniper in the game. Especially making shots with your Sniper will be tough when enemies are up close, so equipping an SMG or assault rifle is a must.

Sniper Elite 5: How To Get All Weapons In The Game
Credit: Rebellion Developments

Moreover, some of the guns here will get unlocked as you progress through the story. However, to get all of them, you will have to unlock them by doing kills in a certain way. Whenever you are doing a mission, check the map to see a red circle which is the person you have to kill. Below we have added the complete list of firearms alongside how to open them.

Weapon NameHow to Unlock Weapon Type
M.1903Unlocked from the start of the game Sniper Rifle
SREM-1Unlocked from the beginning of the game Sniper Rifle
Gewehr 1943Finish The 3rd Mission Sniper Rifle
Karabiner 98Kill your target with the Chateau’s Chandeliers Sniper Rifle
M1A CarbineFinish The 5th Mission Sniper Rifle
RSC 1918Kill your target by Dropping the V2 missile on himSniper Rifle
M1A1 GOV.Unlocked from the start of the gameSMG
Welgun SMGUnlocked from the beginning of the game SMG
Machine PIST.40Kill your target with a grenade or explosiveSMG
Machine Pist.44 Kill your target using the Rat BombAssault Rifle
Stengun MK2 Finish the 6th Mission SMG
Type 100 Burry the Target in concrete SMG
M1911 Unlocked from the start of the game Pistol
WelrodUnlocked from the beginning of the game Pistol
MK VI RevolverFinish the 2nd Mission Pistol
Model DKill your target by adding poison to his drink Pistol
Pistol 08Kill your target by performing a stealth takedownPistol
Type 14 NambuYou will have to kill your target using Type 100 or Type 14 NambuPistol

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