Sniper Elite 5: How To Get All Character Skins

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Credit: Rebellion Developments

Here is how you can get all the character skins in Sniper Elite 5.

On your journey in France, you will face a lot of different kinds of enemies which you can defeat in different ways. In fact, you can even acquire various kinds of weapons ranging from SMGs to pistols to assault Rifles. Moreover, there are different kinds of skins you can use across varying levels of Sniper Elite 5.

However, these skins will give you no skills or abilities. All they will do is change your appearance in the game. Moreover, you can check out the complete list of all Character Skins and how to Unlock them.

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How to Get All Character Skins

You can play four different modes in Sniper Elite 5, and players can customize everything, starting from their weapons to skins. In fact, on your chaotic journey through France, you will be able to unlock all kinds of cosmetics to equip and use in the game. Players can unlock different types of skins across each mode, and below, we have added all the character skins you can unlock in each mode.

How to Unlock all Campaign Skins

  • Lieutenant Karl Fairburne: Unlocked from the start of the game
  • Jeff Sullivan: Kill an Axis Invader 9 times in Axis Invasion mode and finish all campaign missions
  • Resistance Fighter (Male): Finish 12 waves on a survival mode map and complete all campaign missions
  • Monika Grep: Finish all campaign missions
  • Marie Chevalier: Finish all campaign missions
  • Charlie Barton: Kill an Axis Invader 5 times inside Axis Invasion mode and finish all campaign missions
  • Resistance Fighter: Finish all 12 waves inside Survival Mode on two different maps
  • Harry Hawker: Finish all campaign missions
  • 555th Airborne: Finish 12 waves inside Survival Mode on three other maps

How to unlock all Axis Invasion Skins

  • German Infantry: Automatically Unlocked
  • German Engineer: Automatically Unlocked
  • Kriegsmarine Infantry: Automatically Unlocked
  • Ausland Spy: 2 Axis Invasion Kills Needed
  • German Support Jager: 3 Axis Invasion Kills needed
  • German Spotter: 7 Axis Invasion Kills Needed
  • German Sniper: 12 Axis Invasion Kills Needed
  • German Field Officer: 20 Axis Invasion Kills Needed
  • Kriegsmarine Officer: 40 Axis Invasion Kills Needed
  • Fallschirmjager: 60 Axis Invasion Kills Needed
  • German Elite Sniper: 75 Axis Invasion Kills Needed
  • Ghillie Suit Sniper: 100 Axis Invasion Kills Needed
Sniper Elite 5
Credit: Rebellion Developments

How to Unlock All Survival Skins

  • Jeff Sullivan: Automatically Unlocked
  • Monika Grep: Automatically Unlocked
  • Marie Chevalier: Automatically Unlocked
  • Charlie Barton: Automatically Unlocked
  • Lieutenant Karl Fairburne: Automatically Unlocked
  • Harry Hawker: Automatically Unlocked
  • Resistance Fighter (Male): Finish 12 waves on one Survival Mode Map
  • Resistance Fighter (Female): Finish 12 waves on two Survival Mode Maps
  • 555th Airborne: Complete 12 waves on three Survival Mode Maps

How to Unlock All Multiplayer Skins

  • 555th Airborne: Reach Multiplayer Rank 1
  • Resistance Fighter (Female): Reach Multiplayer Rank 1
  • German Infantry: Reach Multiplayer Rank 1
  • German Engineer: Reach Multiplayer Rank 1
  • Marie Chevalier: Reach Multiplayer Rank 2
  • Ausland Spy: Reach Multiplayer Rank 4
  • Resistance Fighter (Male): Reach Multiplayer Rank 6
  • German Spotter: Reach Multiplayer Rank 8
  • Harry Hawker: Reach Multiplayer Rank 10
  • German Sniper: Reach Multiplayer Rank 12
  • Monika Grep: Reach Multiplayer Rank 14
  • Kriegsmarine Infantry: Reach Multiplayer Rank 16
  • Charlie Barton: Reach Multiplayer Rank 18
  • German Field Officer: Reach Multiplayer Rank 20
  • Jeff Sullivan: Reach Multiplayer Rank 22
  • German Elite Sniper: Reach Multiplayer Rank 24
  • US Paratrooper: Reach Multiplayer Rank 26
  • German Support Jager: Reach Multiplayer Rank 28
  • Kriegsmarine Officer: Reach Multiplayer Rank 30
  • Impreial Japnese Naval Officer: Reach Multiplayer Rank 32
  • German Scientist: Reach Multiplayer Rank 34
  • Fallschirmjager: Reach Multiplayer Rank 36
  • High Ranking Ijn Officer: Reach Multiplayer Rank 38
  • Surmbannfuhrer Friedrich Vogel: Reach Multiplayer Rank 40
  • Obergruppenfuhrer Abelard Moller: Reach Multiplayer Rank 43
  • Lieutenant Karl Fairburne: Reach Multiplayer rank 46
  • Ghillie Suit Sniper: Reach Multiplayer Rank 50

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