Smurfs in Apex Legends are Overloading Ranked Servers and “Ruining” Others’ Experience

Smurfing has been one of the major issues in Apex Legends, especially in Ranked Leagues, and players had enough of it.

Although Apex Legends facilitates an SBMM system, uneven matchmaking in Casual or Ranked matches has been pretty common since the beginning of the game. However, as it is a free-to-play game, there’s no stopping this issue.

However, in recent days, the smurfing problem has increased drastically. Most experts and veterans believe it is because of the overhaul of the Ranked System that started in Season 13 while others blame Respawn for not taking any action against the smurfs.

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Smurfs are Ruining Ranked Servers

For a long time, players have been complaining about the smurfs in servers as they are completely destroying the rank experience for others. A few smurfs are enough to ruin a ranked game as they overwhelmingly stomp the servers and destroy lower-ranked players on their own.

Unsurprisingly, the affected players get frustrated after being overrun by the smurfs in every match. To avoid these types of situations, some players open up their own smurf accounts to play against lower-ranked players. And the loop continues.

However, most players just want to enjoy ranked matches like normal individuals. They don’t want to deal with smurfs nor open up smurf accounts to ruin others’ experiences. Hence, these players are more upset than anyone else, just like this Reddit user, u/fishbummin27514, who shared their frustration against the smurfs in ranked matches.

Regardless of anything, smurfing is an undeniable concern, with many players suffering from it. It also causes many newcomers to quit before they start enjoying the game. So, according to countless players, Respawn needs to step up and find a solution to get rid of the smurfing issues and make Apex Legends better again.

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