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Check out all the commands and cheat codes you can use to give yourself a head-start in Skyrim.

Despite being around for decades, Skyrim has managed to retain a dedicated audience that still continues to grow in number. Over the years, players worldwide have developed nifty mods and cheat codes that give the Dragonborn some serious buffs.

Moreover, they enable some handy quality-of-life features that are otherwise inaccessible in your regular gameplay. This includes – maximizing your carry weight, teleporting you to your quest target, adding skill experience, and more.

These cheats, also known as Commands, can be applied by opening the Console and inputting the required code. To access the Console, you need to press the tilde (~) key. Then, you must type in the Command you want to apply and hit the Enter key.

You can input many commands at once, taking advantage of multiple cheats together. However, remember that these cheats can break the game or cause serious glitches. That’s why it’s best to create save files as a backup so you don’t lose your progress.

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Having said that, there are over 100 commands you can apply in Skyrim. To ensure your journey across all of Tamriel sails smoothly, we have prepared this extensive guide listing all the Console Commands you can apply in Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim – Special Edition.

All Console Commands & Cheats in Skyrim

Below is a list of all the Console Commands in Skyrim and a description of what they do.

Skyrim Toggle Console Commands

The toggle commands in Skyrim allow players to enable or disable various in-game features.

Command NameCommand CodeDescription
Toggle Map Markerstmm <#>Enables or Disables Map Markers.
– Input <0> for disabling all Map Markers
– Input <1> for enabling all Map Markers
Toggle God ModetgmEnables or Disables God Mode: Players take zero damage
Toggle Immortal ModetimEnables or Disables Immortal Mode: Players take damage but cannot be killed
Toggle Run ModermEnables or Disables Run Mode
Toggle CollisiontclEnables noclip, allowing players to move through targeted objects
Toggle MenustmEnables or Disables in-game menus and HUD
Toggle Fog of WartfowClears the fog of war from the map and shows all unexplored areas
Toggle DetectiontdetectEnables or Disables AI Detection: NPCs will no longer detect any of your crimes except pickpocketing.
Toggle Artificial IntelligencetaiEnables or Disables AI: NPCs will not react to you or interact when enabled.
Toggle Combat Artificial IntelligencetcaiEnables or Disables Combat AI: NPCs will not attack you even when provoked
Toggle Freefly CameratfcEnables or Disables Freefly Camera: Detaches camera from the player character. Typing tfc1 pauses the game.
Toggle Player ControltcEnables or Disables NPC Control: Players can control targeted NPCs and the player character simultaneously.
Toggle Script ProcessingtscrEnables or Disables Script Processing
Toggle Image SettingsteofisEnables or Disables Blur
Toggle Level of DetailtllChanges the level of background detail
Toggle SkyboxtsEnables or Disables Skyboxes and Fog
Toggle Water DisplaytwsEnables or Disables Water Display but does not work underwater
Toggle GrasstgEnables or Disables Grass
Toggle TreesttEnables or Disables Trees
Skyrim Toggle Command LIST

Skyrim Player Console Commands

The Player Commands in Skyrim are designed to level up your character and unlock various skills quickly.

Command NameCommand CodeDescription
Level Upplayer.advlevelLevels up your character
Add Goldplayer.additem 00000f 1000Adds 1000 gold to player inventory
Add Itemplayer.additem <ItemID> <#>Adds specified item to player inventory
Drop Itemplayer.drop <ItemID> <#>Drops specified items from player inventory to the floor
List Inventoryplayer.showinventoryDisplays player inventory with respective item codes
Add Perkplayer.addperk <PerkID>Adds a specified perk to the player’s character
Remove Perkplayer.removeperk <PerkID>Removes a specified perk from the player character
Add Spellplayer.addspell <Spell ID>Unlocks a specified spell or power for the player character
Remove Spellplayer.removespell <Spell ID>Removes a specified spell or power from the player’s character
Add Shoutaddshout <ShoutID>Adds a Shout to the player character skill list. Works only for unlocked skills.
Unlock Shoutplayer.unlockword <ShoutID>Unlocks a specified Dragon Shout for the player character
Player Spell BookpsbUnlocks all Spells and Shouts in the game
Change Racesetplayerrace <RaceID>Allows players to change the race of their character
Field of Viewfov <#>Allows players to set the field of view from 75 (Default) to 160 (Max)
Free-Flying Camera Speedsucsm <#>Allows players to set the speed of the free-flying camera
– Input <2> to double the speed
– Input <0.5> to half the speed
– Input <1> to revert back to default speed
Set Raceplayer.setrace <RaceID>Allows players to change their character race beyond what is available during character creation. (i.e. Dragon)
Set Follower Countset playerfollowercount to <#>Sets the number of followers you have
– Input <0> to get rid of all existing followers
Set Time Scaleset timescale to <#>Sets the speed at which time passes in the game
– Input <1> to set time passage to real-time
– Input <20> to restore to default
Set Weathersw <WeatherID>Sets weather to specified weather type. Weather will change naturally.
Force Weatherforceweather <WeatherID>Sets game’s weather to specified weather type for all time. Weather stays the same the whole time.
Camera AnglesanimcamChanges camera angle without moving character
First-Person Third-Person Views1stDisplays First-Person and Third-Person views simultaneously
Open Character Customisation MenushowracemenuDisplays the character menu to enable customization of Stamina, Magicka, and Health levels
Pay Bountyplayer.paycrimegold <stolen items> <jail> <FactionID>Clears your bounty.
– Input <1> to remove stolen items or <0> to keep them
– Input <1> to go to jail or <0> to be pardoned 
Set Player Levelplayer.setlevel <#>Allows you to set your character level to any value
Set Actor Value (Speed)player.setav speedmult <#>Speeds up movement when value is set above 100
Set Actor Value (Health)player.setav health <#>Sets character health level to max limit
Modify Actor Value (Carry Weight)player.modav carryweight <#>Sets carry weight limit to desired value
Place Itemplayer.placeatme <Item/NPCID> <#>Spawns NPC, item, or monster to your location
Add Enchanted Objectplayerenchantobject <ItemID> <mgef> <mgef>Spawns new item with specified enchantments
Increase Skill Pointsincpcs <ActorValueID>Increases specified skill by one point
Give Skill Pointsplayer.advskill <ActorValueID> <#>Adds specified amount of skill points to use
Give Dragon Soulsplayer.forceav dragonsouls #Adds specified amount of Dragon Souls to use
Enable Control in CinematicsenableplayercontrolsAllows you to control player movement during cinematic cutscenes
Move to NPCplayer.moveto <NPCrefID>Teleports you to a specified NPC’s location
Centre on Cellcoc <CellID>Teleports you to the cell centre
Centre on Worldcow Tamriel <Coordinates>Teleports you to the specified location based on coordinates
Skyrim Player Command LIST

Skyrim NPC Console Commands

Skyrim’s NPC Commands allow players to tweak the NPCs’ behavior, access their inventory or kill them off effortlessly.

Command NameCommand CodeDescription
Kill TargetkillKills targeted NPCs
Resurrectresurrect <#>Revives a dead NPC
– Input <0> to restore all items
Empty InventoryremoveallitemsRemoves all items from the targeted NPC’s inventory
– Add <player> to transfer all items to the player character’s inventory
Add Itemadditem <ItemID> <#>Adds the item to the targeted NPC’s inventory
Add NPC to Factionaddtofaction <FactionID> <#>Adds the targeted NPC to a Faction
– Choose between 1-4 ranks by replacing the #
Remove NPC from Factionremovefromfaction <FactionID> <#>Removes the targeted NPC from a Faction
Kill all NPCskillallKills all non-essential NPCs within the area
Make an NPC mortal/immortalsetessential <BaseID> <#>Makes the targeted NPC mortal or immortal
– Input <1> to make NPC immortal
– Input <0> to make NPC mortal
Set Scalesetscale <#>Changes the size of targeted NPC. Also works on objects or yourself.
Teleport NPCmoveto playerTeleports NPC to your location
Set Player Relationshipplayer.setrelationshiprank <RefID> <#>Changes your relationship with the targeted NPC.
Gender ChangesexchangeChanges the gender of the targeted NPC. It can be applied to the player’s character as well.
Access NPC Inventoryopenactorcontainer <#>Allows you to take items from/put items into targeted NPC’s inventory.
Set NPC Levelsetlevel <multiplier><modifier><minimum><maximum>Changes NPC’s level. It can be applied to the player’s character as well.
NPC Corpse Clean upwideadbodycleanupcellHolds the bodies of dead NPCs in the cell
Skyrim NPC Command LIST

Skyrim Item Console Commands

The Item Commands in Skyrim give you fast access to otherwise-inaccessible items by unlocking chests and lock doors, and by transferring items from an NPC’s inventory.

Command NameCommand CodeDescription
Equip Itemequipitem <itemID> <#> <left/right>Forces the targeted NPC to equip a specified item from their inventory
Unequip Itemunequipitem <ItemID> <#><left/right>Forces the targeted NPC to unequip the desired item
Equip Spellequipspell <SpellID> <left/right>Forces the targeted NPC to equip a spell known to them
BegonedisableMakes the targeted NPC disappear, disabling their collision and interactions with other NPCs
ReturnenableReverses the Disable command
Set OwnershipsetownershipRemoves ownership of items so that it doesn’t count as stealing when you pick them up
DeletemarkfordeletePermanently removes item or targeted NPC
Locklock <#>Locks a chest, door, or person. 
– input <1-100> to set lockpicking difficulty
UnlockunlockUnlocks the targeted chest or door
Set Positionsetpos <x/y/z> <#>Sets the coordinate of your target on the specified axis
Get Positiongetpos <x/y/z>Shows the coordinates of the target on the specified axis
Empty InventoryremoveallitemsRemoves all items from the targeted NPC’s inventory
– Add <player> to transfer all items to the player character’s inventory
Add Itemadditem <ItemID> <#>Adds the item to the targeted NPC’s inventory
Set Scalesetscale <#>Changes the size of targeted objects. Also works on NPCs or yourself.
Set Anglesetangle <x/y/z> <#>Sets the angle of your target along the specified axis
Get Anglegetangle <x/y/z> <#>Shows the angle of the target on the specified axis
Skyrim Item Command LIST

Skyrim Quest Console Commands

Skyrim’s Quest Commands are the cheats you need to quickly beat the game.

Command NameCommand CodeDescription
Show Quest TargetsshowquesttargetsDisplays a list of all Quest IDs with their current quest stage progression
Move to Targetmovetoqt <QuestID>Teleports the player to the quest target
Complete Questcompletequest <QuestID>Completes the specified quest
Complete All QuestscaqsCompletely cleares all stages of every quest in the game. (May break the game, so use with caution)
Display Quest Stagesplayer.sqs <QuestID>Displays all the stages of a specified quest
Set Quest Stagesetstage <QuestID> <Stage Value>Clears a quest up to the specified stage
Set Quest Stage Completion Statussetobjectivecompleted <QuestID> <stage> <#>Sets a specified quest stage status to either completed or incomplete
– Input <1> to set as complete
– Input <0> to set as incomplete
Get Current Stagegetstage <QuestID>Displays the current stage of a specified quest
Skyrim QUEST Command LIST

Skyrim Miscellaneous Console Commands

This section covers all the miscellaneous console commands in Skyrim that enables you to tweak the game’s systems.

Command NameCommand CodeDescription
Execute a .batbat <name of text file>Executes the specified batch file for batch commands (given the batch file is in .txt format and is placed in Skyrim/Data folder)
Display Commandshelp “search term”> <#>Displays a list of every single Console Command and Item ID with description
QuitqqqForce quits the game
Debug Roomcoc qasmokeTeleports players to Bethesda’s Debug room with all in-game items.
– Input coc <Location> to return to main game. Type in any in-game location’s name.
Set Time Scaleset timescale to <#>Sets the speed at which time passes in the game
– Input <1> to set time passage to real-time
– Input <20> to restore to default
Set Weathersw <WeatherID>Sets weather to specified weather type. Weather will change naturally.
Force Weatherforceweather <WeatherID>Sets game’s weather to specified weather type for all time. Weather stays the same the whole time.
Clear Screen BloodcsbClears the blood splatters from screen after battle
Skyrim Miscellaneous Command LIST

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