Skyrim: How To Install The Skygerfall Mod

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Credit- Bethesda Game Studios

Mods bring new life to every game that exists.

Skyrim is an evergreen game that continues to live in 2022. Mods bring out a new life by adding content to a game. In a recent attempt, a modder has tried to insert earlier games like Daggerfall inside the latest Skyrim engine. It can be confusing to install mods for people with little or no knowledge about mods. So, we have created a complete guide on how to install the Skygerfall Mod.

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How to Install The Skygerfall Mod

The Skygerfall Mod does not have the entire world of Daggerfall inside the Mod. However, the Modder has managed to get the main questline inside the 3D world of Skyrim and Skyrim Special Edition.

Skygerfall Mod Limitations

The Modder has also mentioned the Mod has limitations and issues you should solve before playing the game. He said, “Any mod which changes the ‘Unbound Quest’ will not work in Skygerfall. Moreover, body and armor change mods will also not work. I advise you to avoid using any Followers also in SkygerFall areas.”

Daggerfall Mod
Credit- Bethesda Game Studios

How to Install Skygerfall Mod

This Unofficial Skyrim Patch can fix the issues that may come after installing Skygerfall. Before playing the game, you will have to install a few presets to make the mod work. You will also have to download and install the SKSE64 script extender, which will allow you to do jumping and Snowfall spells properly.

After installing the patches and script extender, now make sure to download the correct versions of the game. This Mod is compatible with the regular Skyrim game and the Skyrim Special Edition. You can use any mod Manager to download and add it. However, the most famous one is Nexus Vortex.

You can download the Skygerfall file from the Nexus Virtex and locate it where you have installed Skyrim. Once you download it, make sure you install it on the mod manager, and Nexus will show you an indication when it is ready to play.

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