Rainbow Six Extraction: All Versions That Are Releasing

Here is all you need to know about Rainbow Six Extraction release versions.

The upcoming tactical shooter game from Ubisoft is just three days from its release. The new Rainbow Six will be no different from its successor Rainbow Six Seige. The online tactical shooter will let you enjoy the game in a brand new game with new graphics and changes, moreover, if you are confused about which version you should buy. Below we have created a complete guide on all the versions of Rainbow Six Extraction coming out.

All Versions of Rainbow Six Extraction

There are just two versions of the game available right now, each having its different sets of cosmetics. If you pre-order the game’s Standard Edition, it will cost you 39.99$. The Deluxe Version of the game will cost you 49.99$. You can check out the rest of the details below.

Rainbow Six Extraction Standard Edition

If you Pre-order the Standard edition, along with the base game, you will get the Orbital Decay Bundle.

Orbital Decay Bundle includes:

  • Exclusive Orion uniform
  • Headgear for Finka and Lion
  • Vaporized weapon skin
  • Crashlander charm

Rainbow Six Extraction Deluxe Edition

Players will also get the Orbital Decay Bundle and other bundles if they pre-order the Deluxe version. Moreover, the Deluxe Version includes The Noxious Touch Pack, The Obscura Pack, and The React Strike Pack.

The Noxious Touch Pack includes:

  • Noxious Touch uniform and headgear for Alibi
  • Noxious Touch and Redeemer weapon skins
  • Jawbreaker and Guardian Angel Charm.

The Obscura Pack includes:

  • Cephal Black and Cerulean weapon skins
  • Redacted and Anagram charms.

The React Strike Pack includes:

  • Frontline Cosmetic Pack
  • XP Boosters for postlaunch events
  • 10% discount on the in-game store.

Furthermore, Extraction also has a Buddy Pass, which will let two of your friends play the game for 14 days completely free. The game has cross-play, so you can play across all devices using your buddy Passes.

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