The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim – How to Get to Forelhost

Treasure hunts are always one the most fun things to do in an online RPG.

The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim is one of the biggest open-world RPG video games this century. The game continues the dungeon-themed tradition of the series. It offers its players the opportunity to explore different dungeons such as freezing caverns, prehistoric Nordic catacombs, and spooky Dwemer ruins to retrieve items.

The dungeons are near the province the game takes place in, for example, the Ayleid ruins in Oblivion. Moreover, the dungeon depths are stockpiled with precious loot that players will be eager to discover. So below, we have made a complete guide on How to get to Forelhost in Skyrim.

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How To Get to Forelhost

Players seeking to amass all the dragon priest masks of Skyrim will be significantly interested in reaching Forelhost. Forelhost is an old Nordic tomb on a peak southeast of Rifen. You will find that this is the shelter for frenzied Draugr allied with the Dragon Cult. Furthermore, it has a word wall with an inscribed word for the Storm Call shout.

Players can explore the tombs of Forelhost unscathed, provided they are at least level 24. One of the ways to reach the destination is walking steadfastly across the southern gate of Riften and trekking through the eastern road until they reach a bridge. They will arrive at a crossroads when they cross the bridge, and the left turn will take them to Black-Briar Lodge. If they continue forward, they will come to Fort Dawnguard, then taking a right turn would allow them to reach the slopes of Forelhost.

Players can easily climb the Forelhost courtyard and face Captain Valmir. Captain Valmir is an Altmer soldier wearing the armor of the faction the player chose in the Civil War questline (or fled with in the event of Helgen if the player had still not selected a coalition). Captain Valmir will ask for aid in exploring the caverns of Forelhost and acquiring the mask of Rahgot-the buried dragon priest.

What’s Inside Forelhost?

Players will face large swathes of Skyrim’s Draugr upon entering the tomb of Forelhost. They will also have to solve easy puzzles in three regions of the Forelhost interior: the Forehold Stronghold, Crypt, and Reflectory. After defeating the waves of Draugr, they will pass a stairway to reach an enormous room containing the patiently awaiting resurrected Rahgot. The Rahgot attacks using fire spells and can also summon a Fire Atronach to fight alongside it.

The dragon shout is an invaluable addition to the arsenal of a Dragonborn. Players can obtain a dragon shout in addition to the coveted staff and a mask after defeating Rahgot. They can leave the Reflectory to reach the Storm Call word wall and learn one of the dragon shouts in the game. The Whirlwind Sprint Shout allows players to skip the dungeon by trekking carefully the mountain if they only wish to obtain the Storm Call dragon shout.

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