Shroud shares some idea on how Riot can balance the Operator in VALORANT

Nafiu Aziz
By Nafiu Aziz
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Credit: Shroud YouTube Channel

Ever since Riot released the closed for VALORANT, players have been constantly complaining about how the operator is a little bit overpowered in this game.

The weapons’ effectiveness in high-level games became more apparent when Riot announced the Ignition series where tier-1 organizations all around the world hosted their own VALORANT tournament with real prize money on the line.

Shroud on VALORANT's operator meta
Image via Riot Games

Basically pro players started to abuse the operator by double or triple stacking the weapon in those tournaments. As there are not enough flashes or stuns in the game available right now, the operator can get really frustrating to deal with. Even professional players like 100T Hiko admitted that pro players are literally abusing the gun right now.

Shroud shares some idea on how to deal with the Operator:

YouTube video

Shroud who is one of the most mechanically gifted players in the FPS genre of video games shared his ideas on how Riot can deal with the Operator meta. According to Shroud, Riot just needs to add more agents with flashes/stuns ability that players can control just like Jett’s smoke.

If you really want to flash out an AWPer like you can perfectly pop that flash in their eyeball and they are not gonna see shit“, Shroud on how to deal with the operator meta in VALORANT.

Furthermore, if Riot can introduce a character with a better flash that players will be able to control more accurately, the operator meta can be tamed. Until then players can easily look away from most flashes in the game while holding a particular angle with the operator.

Additionally, VALORANT currently lacks enough utilities to properly deal with the operator. As a result, pro teams are sometimes triple stacking the weapon on certain maps like Ascent. And the tournament watching experience is becoming a little bit stale. Riot Games needs to introduce more agents with better flashes to counter the OP meta.

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