VALORANT’s new Nebula skin collection: exclusive look, release date, and price

Nafiu Aziz
By Nafiu Aziz
2 Min Read
Image Credit: Riot Games

After the Glitchpop collection, VALORANT’s new Nebula collection from their exclusive series leaks ahead of time.

VALORANT’s latest skin collection has been leaked. And seems like Riot Games took some heavy inspiration from NASA while developing these new skins. The skins primarily feature a space theme with the nebula galaxy as its centerpiece.

Nebula skin collection release date:

According to the leaks, the new Nebula collection of skins should be available from Today on August 21st in the VALORANT’s game store. Therefore, players can tune in today to get this new skin collection for Ares, Guardian, Phantom, Sheriff, and the knife.

Nebula skin collection price:

The exact price of the whole Nebula skin bundle is TBA(to be announced) very soon. However, judging by the previous skin bundles similar to this one, expect to spend at least 71$ on the whole bundle.

Riot Games seems to be putting a lot of effort into these new skin bundles. Almost all of them are quite unique. Even though these skins are quite expensive, the target audience doesn’t seem to care that much about the high price. If Tencent’s latest earning calls are any indication then Riot Games is making a lot of money with these skins.

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