Shroud Bashes Controller Aim Assist, Says its the Same Thing as Cheating

Shroud thinks the controller’s aim assist is the same as cheating. The controller aim assist has been a topic of debate since crossplay arrived.

Call of Duty has been a console staple since its inception. The game’s most popular medium of input worldwide is the controller. Players have different flows of aim assist helping them get an edge on the natural mouse aim of MnK players.

However, the aim assist has been the center of debate for the past few years due to its hack-like locking capabilities. Recently, Nadia’s hacking accusations have also brought aim assist under fire, and now Shroud thinks it is the same as cheating.

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Shroud on Controller Aim Assist

In a recent stream, a viewer asked Shroud about his opinion on Nadia’s Warzone cheating allegations. Shroud fired back, saying he doesn’t care about CoD anymore.

He reiterated that if she’s playing with a controller, it’s impossible to prove that she is cheating. Furthermore, controller macros can hide various hacks from plain sight and are rarely caught by the anti-cheat.

However, Shroud’s last statement caught everyone’s attention as he implies that controller aim assist is the same as cheating. While aim assist has always been regarded as an annoyance, Shroud’s upfront slander at aim assist brings much more attention.

While MnK players have always been the superior class in FPS games, aim assist has brought a new dimension to the competition. Controller players dominate tournaments and in-game due to their strong aim assist support from most games in the market.

Many players and content creators have suggested that controller aim assist is too strong, leading to MnK players falling behind in Warzone. Prominent streamers like Dr Disrespect and TimTheTatman have also been against aim assist since Fortnite brought cross-platform gaming to the limelight.

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