Activision’s Lawsuit Against Warzone Hack Seller Suggests Some Top Ranked Content Creators are Hacking

Activision’s latest lawsuit against Warzone cheat seller claims that high-profile content creators cheat in-game.

Call of Duty: Warzone was IW’s innovative take on the battle royale genre. The game gained massive popularity worldwide. However, with its popularity, the game got plagued by hackers. Many hack sellers are providing hacks with different features that can be activated in-game.

However, Activision has fought against hackers with RICOCHET, and now they have filed a lawsuit against hack sellers selling the hacks in the open. They have gone to court with their prolific case. Shockingly, the lawsuit mentions that top-ranked content creators cheat in CoD games.

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Top Content Creators are Allegedly Cheating in Warzone

Activision stepped up its war on hackers with the launch of RICOCHET. Alongside the anti-cheat, they also filed a lawsuit against hackers this January. However, their case picked up momentum last month when Raven Software and Activision identified the sellers of these hacks.

Interestingly, their latest update of the lawsuit file claims that many top-ranked content creators in the USA are hacking. Although Activision has not mentioned any specific names of these content creators, it is evident that they know about the ones who are hacking in-game.

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Although the news might not seem like a big deal to many players, it is good news for MW2 and Warzone 2. Activision has been cracking down on hackers after the launch of the MW2 beta. Reportedly, players with a previous history of a ban in any games on Steam have been banned from the game, including past CoD titles.

The lawsuit brings hope for the future of the CoD games, as players have become frustrated with the cheat plague. More details about the case, including the ones involved, will surface as the lawsuit progresses.

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