Nadia Responds to Warzone Cheating Accusation Amidst Twitter Drama

Tahmid Shihab Murshed
By Tahmid Shihab Murshed
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Nadia Amine has responded to all cheating accusations as Censor backs out with the expose video.

Call of Duty: Warzone has seen many players come to light with their amazing plays and skills. Players have been blessed with the likes of Swagg, Diazbiffle, and Aydan. However, not every content creator has had the luxury of being free from cheating accusations.

Nadia Amine, better known as Nadia, is Warzone’s top female content creator. She has been labeled as the best female Warzone player many times. However, it came with the hefty price of cheating accusations. Recently, Censor has come forward on Twitter claiming he has solid evidence of Nadia’s alleged cheating accusations.

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Nadia’s Clapback at Cheating Accusations

In a recent tweet, Doug “Censor” Martin went on record claiming that he has shifted his eyes on Nadia in hopes of exposing her for cheating.

However, he proposed to Nadia instead of exposing her in a turn of events. This led to massive disbelief from many content creators.

Nadia’s response to the cheating accusations has been hilariously bold. She went on to play off the accusations poking fun at everyone involved. In a recently deleted TikTok, she threw shade at her haters stating how she was dropping 40 kills in Warzone on FaZe Swagg’s set-up. Furthermore, she suggested that Swagg set up VPN and Cronus Zen for her in a sarcastic tone.

In her stream, she also tells Swagg to connect to “Amerstdam,” as she wanted to drop 40 bombs again. Jokes apart, the duo of Swagg and Nadia has put on an entertaining show on Twitch, playing off all alleged accusations.

Nadia’s cheating accusations have remained baseless, with no solid proof against her. Most players refuse to believe that she is a good player, which has been a common trend in the Warzone community since its inception.

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