Modern Warfare 2 Players Want NVG Game Mode to Make a Return

Players are eager for the NVG game mode to return in Modern Warfare 2 as the game’s release date is almost on the horizon.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (2019) was Infinity Ward’s revamped take on the classic MW series. The complete reboot featured almost every community’s beloved characters, weapons, and game modes. However, IW introduced new game modes that were not present in the previous games.

One of the most played new game modes was the NVG playlist. The NVG game mode is the nighttime take on the game’s usual maps and modes. Players instantly fell in love with the game mode. However, IW has not officially announced the game mode’s return in MW2.

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Players want the “NVG” Game Mode in Modern Warfare 2

In a recent Reddit thread, u/Witty-Alternative628 directed a question to the community concerning the return of NVG game modes in MW2.

Most players in the comment section were quick to express their feelings about the NVG mode. From the looks of it, most of the players had an answer like u/NJShadow.

Another comment by u/Nacho_Day2000 highlighted the issue that most players had with the mode. The NVG game mode just vanished from the game at one point, while it was one of the game’s most vital selling points.

Many users suggested improvements that could be made to the game mode to achieve near perfection. The game mode put players who didn’t utilize NVG goggles at a massive disadvantage. So, one of the users suggested that IW could add flashlights to give players who don’t use the NVG goggles an edge n the game mode.

Another user comment gained a lot of traction, the comment suggested that IW should add an NVG Ground War mode to bring the nighttime battle to a larger scale. Moreover, adding 32v32 maps to the traditional NVG playlist would surely gain popularity over time. It could also attract the Battlefield refugees who have been left disappointed by the failure of BF2042.

Although there have been official announcements regarding the presence of NVG game mode in MW2, it sure looks like the game mode has become a classic CoD element. Players can hope that the pre-release trailers and blogs hint at the return of this fan-favorite game mode in MW2.

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