Shatterline R67 Public Test Server Patch Notes: Halloween Event, Balance Changes, & More

Frag Lab has released the R67 PTS Patch Notes. Along with it, Shatterline is planning to launch its second biggest update since its release.

Shatterline is a new Free-to-Play FPS game currently in an early access state on Steam. The game currently has a roguelike Co-Op mode called Expedition and several traditional game modes such as TDM, Conquest, Plant-the-bomb, and Escort.

Frag Lab has enabled the Public Test Server or PTS for players. So, from now on, players will be able to test everything that Frag Lab has to offer in the upcoming updates beforehand. With that in mind, Frag Lab has released the PTS patch notes for the R67 update.

It seems like Shatterline will have its first Halloween Event in the next patch. Apart from it, there will be major balance changes regarding weapons, operatives, and game modes. Some Expedition, UI, Store, and miscellaneous changes will also be present in the R67 PTS patch.

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R67 Public Test Server Patch Notes

Halloween Event

  • We added a fun Pumpkin Mode for Conquest and Team Deathmatch.
  • Pumpkins shall be destroyed!
  • The Nisida map received its Halloween makeup. Additionally, all other PvP maps and the Expedition map will feature Halloween attributes during the event.
  • For completing Halloween tasks you will receive some cool Halloween skins and a Halloween trinket. The skins are available for the following weapons:
    • Zenith automatic rifle.
    • Firespray submachine gun.
    • G5 Earl pistol.
    • Impala sniper rifle.
    • M2 Tactical SAS shotgun.
  • A cool Halloween-themed loading screen and lobby music to get you into a nice Halloween mood.

Balance Changes

Experimental change

  • All PvP modes feature 5 vs 5 players instead of the usual 6 vs 6.

Orbit’s Detector Drone got some tuning

  • Its movement became more realistic.
  • We improved its behavior so the chances that it may lose its owner decreased considerably.
  • It no longer detects traps. It can only detect other players now.
  • The drone’s scanning time (when it hovers over an enemy player) was reduced to 1 second while the scanning radius was increased.
  • In addition to that, the drone’s visuals were improved.
  • The bomb timer was reduced from 60 to 40 seconds in Demolition mode.


  • Based on your feedback, we’ve made some tweaks to AI-s to make the game more challenging.

Weapon balance changes

  • XM-40 Conciliator assault rifle:
    • Significantly increased precision shot effective distance.
    • Slightly increased precision shot damage.
  • U44 Culverina revolver:
    • Decreased accuracy.
    • Increased precision effective distance but decreased precision shot damage at very long ranges.
  • U22 Svarog revolver:
    • Decreased accuracy.
    • Slightly decreased base damage but the number of bullets to kill remains the same.
    • Decreased precision shot effective distance.
  • Svarog Cossack legendary modification’s “Cowboy Reflexes” perk (For a short time after weapon selection, the first bullet fired will deal double damage):
    • The perk time was decreased to 2 seconds.
    • Decreased accuracy when the perk is active.
    • The perk cannot be activated now by using melee now.


  • Map optimization and improvements (in particular, terrain bumps where players could stumble over were removed). Improved visual effects.
  • New encounter: Phantom Core.
  • New perks:
    • Blast Armor (Armored vest tailored to resist significant amounts of damage from explosions).
    • Kinetic Armor (Armored vest tailored to resist moderate amounts of damage from kinetic projectiles such as bullets).
    • CQB Armor (Armored vest tailored to resist moderate amounts of damage from melee attacks).
  • The reconnect timer and away-from-keyboard kick timer was increased to 120 seconds in Expedition.
  • Fixed bug when the Supply Bin failed to open.
  • Fixed bug that when the item rarity chances failed to increase after the 3rd encounter.
  • The rarity for Strife and Feedback Loop perks were increased (from epic to legendary for Strife and from rare to epic for Feedback Loop).


  • Sunken Lab Short PvE episode.
  • Hardcore PTB event mode. UI
  • The Blueprints’ upper limit is now visualized properly on the Crafting screen.
  • The Operatives progression screen was overhauled to match the design of other lobby screens.
  • The Armory’s accuracy bar values for handguns were tweaked for the accuracy bar to better represent differences between different handguns.


• We added the option to buy Season Pass levels for Premium Pass owners.


  • Pill’s Quantum Nullifier ability was moved from the slot occupied by Med Drone to the Stasis Field Grenade slot.
  • Three new instant awards: for killing a Chaser, for planting the bomb, and for defusing the bomb.
  • We fixed the wrong AI hitbox position when the AI was affected by the freezing grenade.
  • Animation improvements:
    • Updated crouch animation in third-person view.
    • Improved weapon selection and deselection animation.
    • Improved animation of the U44 Culverina and the U22 Svarog revolvers when aiming down sights.
    • Improved weapon inspection animation of the U22 Svarog revolver, the Berlington TAC shotgun, and the Presarm VX-7 sniper rifle.
  • Improved visuals of all scope attachments:
    • The visual gap between the lens and the eyepiece was removed.
    • Better shine and reflections on the eyepiece glass.
  • We improved the graphics quality for the existing graphical settings. Some players may see a drop in their frame rates for the same graphical settings they used previously. It depends on your graphics card. If this is the case, you need to lower your graphical settings to up the performance.
  • The Intro mission underwent optimization.

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