Sentinels qualify for VALORANT’s first LAN in Iceland, but what about TenZ?

Sentinels defeat Cloud9 Blue 2-1 in the upper finals of the VCT NA stage 2 to get the invitation to attend Iceland for VALORANT’s first-ever LAN tournament.

Riot Games recently made an official announcement that they are going to held their biggest VALORANT tournament yet in Reykjavík, Iceland from 24th May to 30th May, just right on the heels of MSI 2021.

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Only ten of the best teams all around the world will be eligible to take part in this LAN tournament to determine which region is currently the king when it comes to competitive VALORANT.

TenZ’s future is still uncertain

However, there is still no clear indication of which roster will actually represent Sentinels in the upcoming LAN since TenZ is still under contract by C9 Blue. Furthermore, Riot Games hasn’t revealed the findings of their investigation regarding Sinatraa.

This created a lot of confusion among Sentinels fans as they don’t actually have a clear idea of what to expect. Everything is up in the air at this point. Although it will be highly unlikely that Sentinels will be making any change to their winning formula as TenZ seems to fit perfectly well with Sentinels’ playstyle.

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TenZ is currently dominating the pro scene with his inhuman mechanical prowess, but other members of Sentinels’ roster are also showing up big when it really matters. Even TenZ has no idea about his future with the Organization. But that may change as this current roster dominated all the competitions to qualify for LAN in Iceland.

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