Secrets of Bartering with Piglins in Minecraft for Rare Treasures

Samia Awal Moon
By Samia Awal Moon
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How To Barter With Piglins In Minecraft

Here is how to Barter with Piglins in Minecraft.

Minecraft offers endless exploration and valuable item collection. Within this vast world, you’ll encounter a variety of creatures, including the Piglins, human-like pig creatures found exclusively in the Nether. In fact, this dimension holds some of the game’s rarest items, making it a valuable place to explore. No doubt, acquiring these exceptional items can greatly enhance your gameplay experience.

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However, gaining these materials is not simple, as the Piglins are not friendly. But the game has some ways to help you barter with these Piglins to get these valuable materials. Doing this might be risky, but that’s also worth it, depending on how you get the items, and it is undoubtedly fun. So, let’s get to know how to convince these moody Piglines.

How To Barter With Piglins In Minecraft

How To Barter With Piglins In Minecraft 1

Piglins love gold and can be found in the Nether’s Crimson Forest and Bastion Remnant biomes. So when you are encountering them, wear Golden armor. It will prevent them from attacking unless provoked. Additionally, you have the option to summon a Piglin using a spawn egg. Now, to start bartering,

  • You need to throw a gold ingot towards the Piglin.
  • Piglin will notice the gold ingot and examine it for some time.
  • Then, Pigline will accept your offered gold ingot, and in return, it will throw back an item in exchange, and that is how you do the bartering process.
  • The bartering process will attract more piggins, so you may notice many of them approaching you. So keep throwing more gold ingot and get items.
  • You can get various items, such as Ender Pearl, Enchanted Book (Soul Speed), Glowstone Dust, Soul Sand, and many more.

💡 Pro Tip
Baby Piglins won’t give anything in return even if it accepts the gold ingot. So DO NOT give them any

How To Barter With Piglins In Minecraft 2

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