Science Trophy Location: Spider-Man 2

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If you are looking for the Miles Morales Science Trophy Location in Spider-Man 2, this guide is here to help.

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 brings an amazing storyline filled with some of the most interesting easter eggs, like Fantastic Four Building, Doctor Strange’s Sanctorum, and many other references to the wider Marvel universe. Another such easter egg is the Science Trophy from the game Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales.

The easter egg revisits the place where Miles and Phin first met, and the science trophy reminds Miles of his past as Spiderman. If you have played Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales, you are probably already aware of the background story and the location of the science trophy in Spider-Man 2. Collecting this trophy will also complete the Just Let Go Bronze trophy in the game.

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Where to Find the Science Trophy in Spider-Man 2?

The Miles Morales Science Trophy can be found in the Trinity Church, the same location where Phin and Miles Morales met in Spider-Man: Miles Morales game. If you have played the earlier game, you might remember the location where Miles Morales left the trophy to pay homage to his friend Phin. You will have to switch to Miles Morales first if you want to collect this trophy.

Once you have switched to Miles Morales, head towards Trinity Church, which is located on the South side of the Financial District. After you have reached Trinity Church, look towards the spire at the eastern side of the Church, and you will find a cube-like box atop the structure. Interact with the cube, and you will gain the Science Trophy or Just Let Go trophy in Spider-Man 2. Though you can’t take the science trophy with you, you still get to revisit some vital moments of Miles’s past and his journey as the Spiderman.

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