Samira and Kai’Sa are getting some massive nerfs on patch 11.4

Ali Ahmed Akib
By Ali Ahmed Akib
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Two of the most dominant ADCs, Samira and Kai’Sa, are getting some massive game-changing nerfs in League of Legends patch 11.4.

With the introduction of the new Mythic items in the 2021 preseason, three ADCs, Jhin, Samira, and Kai’Sa, saw a massive influx in both pick rate and win rate. However, Jhin already received some nerfs in the preseason patch 10.25, leaving both Samira and Kai’Sa untouched until now.

Currently, on patch 11.3, Kai’Sa has a 51.42% win rate in the Plat+ Elo while having an astonishing 37.2% pick rate and 40.3% ban rate worldwide. Furthermore, in the Korean server, she has a 45.5% pick rate while having a 52.55% win rate. But that’s not all, Kai’sa is also dominating the pro scene, with a whopping 90.3% presence in season 11.

On the other hand, Samira might not have a huge win rate, but due to her kit being a team fight monster, she has a 46.5% ban rate worldwide while having a 69.9% ban rate in Korea.

League of Legends Gameplay Design Director Mark “Scruffy” Yetter has previewed League of Legends Patch 11.4, where they are nerfing both Samira and Kai’Sa to the ground.

“Samira work is focused on opening up some weakness + removing tools for her long term counterplay,” Riot Scruffy said.

Samira Nerf Patch 11.4


  • [REMOVED] Can dash to allies
  • Dash speed: 2050 >>> 1600


  • Duration: 1 >>> 0.75s


  • Damage ratio: 100 >>> 80-110% TAD


  • Melee damage bonus ratio: 7.5 >>> 3.5-9.5% TAD


  • Cooldown: 3 >>> 8s

Kai’Sa Nerf Patch 11.4


  • Base Damage per missile: 45-110 >> 40-100
  • Max single-target: 101.25-247.5 >>> 90-225
  • Evolved max: 168-412.5 >>> 150-375

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By Ali Ahmed Akib Editor-in-chief
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