Salt and Sacrifice: Corvius Mire Walkthrough

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Time to find out what the swamps of Salt and Sacrifice Corvius Mire have in store

Completing Bol Gerahn, your next objective is to head towards Corvius’ Mire, a dreadful and poisonous swamp region in Salt and Sacrifice. So be sure that this region is full of toxic enemies and cave-like areas to explore and get lost in. Most importantly, bosses and loots await.

Keep your stats and equipment well prepared with lots of healing items and potions because we will now see how to trek through Salt and Sacrifice’s CorviusMire.

Entering Corvius Mire

Corvius Mire Salt and Sacrifice

While in Bol Gerahn, find the Magnesin Supply, and devour the hearts of Aeromancer and Terramancer. After this, head to the Bol Gerahn Temple and find the Filthy Key. This key unlocks a path to nearby sewers. Enter the sewers, and you’ll find an NPC there, talk to him to get the Rune combination code to enter CorviusMire. Now you can enter Corvius Mire using the code. As you enter, there is only a single exit which is the Darkearth Lair.

Darkearth Lair

This is the first area of Corvius Mire in Salt and Sacrifice. As you arrive, Twin Frospyrs near the entrance will be quick to attack you. Furthermore, along your path, spiked booby traps and poison puddles will be prevalent, so watch your step. Keep heading west and defeat the Mimic enemy that comes at you. You will be introduced to another annoying trap, exploding puffball, as you move on ahead. These fluffy balls explode to release a toxic gas that will poison you. Hence avoid them at all costs.

You will find an obelisk near the puffballs, explicitly located on the southwestern side. Now keep heading west again, and you will come across a Named Mage Hunt. It is the Fungalmancer, Por Myec. Take it up, defeat it, and head to your east to find a sack of Sunfire Mushroom. Keep on moving in the same direction till you reach a hole. Dropdown through it and find another sack containing valuables.

That is all there is to it in this area; unless you want to grind a bit and gather resources, move ahead through the previously sealed doors to enter Foulmurk Marsh.

Foulmurk Marsh

As soon as you get here, head to the bottom and east till you reach a stone structure. Climb up and get the Blueblossom from the sack. Now backtrack a bit and look for some grapple points. Use those to reach another platform with an obelisk. Use it to heal yourself after the deadly mage battle. A shortcut connecting to Darkearth Lair is just west of you. Activate the Magnesin Pulleys to open it.

While in Foulmurk Marsh, it is highly recommended to strengthen yourself by leveling up, increasing your stats, or getting good weapons and armors since a challenging boss fight is coming soon. Although not overly difficult, there’s no such as being too prepared.

Salt and Sacrifice Marega Gredanya

From the obelisk, head east using your grapple to reach new grounds, move forward, and explore here. The path takes you to Marega Gredanya, the abovementioned boss.

Marega Gredanya mainly attacks by summoning puppets that do the work for her, don’t waste time attacking puppets as they disappear after a while. Furthermore, she also has other heavy-hitting attacks that can be hard to dodge. One of which is firing a skull bomb that explodes as it touches the ground.

She also attacks with her claws and staffs, but they are easy to dodge and should always be punished. It becomes problematic when she starts using her Invisibility. Although you can notice her silhouette, foreseeing the attacks is quite hard. So it is best to keep a distance during this phase.

Corvious Mire Guide

After defeating her, climb onto the platforms towards the east and pick up the Luminstone. Use it to create temporary platforms using which you can access new areas. Using this, you will now head to Verdant Ruins.

Verdant Ruins

Salt and Sacrifice Corvious Mire Walkthrough

Drop down from the entrance to find a sack of loot and Fertile Priest enemies shooting poison darts. Dodge the attacks and kill them. Now keep climbing up towards the east and dodge the traps as you go. Open the chest that you come across and get Wispleaf. Soon you will find a Luminstone jumping section west of you. Although entirely optional, you will find Shimmering Bud and Inquisitor Amben here if you encountered them earlier.

If you ignore the jumping section, jump down the hole and defeat the Eigdalian. A tough fight with a reward of a Moss Brick. You will also find a sealed door here that needs four Named Mages to be defeated. Unless you did not fulfill this requirement, ignore the door and move on to find a shortcut that takes you to the east side of Corvius Mire. The next Named Mage Hunt is waiting on the northern side. Take it up and defeat the Mage, Corpumancer. Now head east to a dark pathway to find some loot and reach the Great Tree.

The Great Tree

Always complete the Named Mage Hunts as soon as you find them because you need them to access a number of areas in the game. Likewise, you need two of them to enter the Great Tree. The two mages of this area were mentioned earlier in the guide. To reach the Great Tree, head west from the first obelisk, climb and grapple through the door leading to the tree.

Here a lot of climbing and grappling are needed. Moreover, you also have to take care of traps and flying enemies. It is tiring, but luckily for you, an obelisk is ready halfway and across the grappling point. You can also get a Grimgrip Cap here.

Once you reach the top, there are two paths, one on the right leading to Veruna’s Shrine (optional area), and the left path takes you to a sealed door. The door opens after defeating three Named Mages. Until now, you can encounter only two Mages; hence, this door cannot be opened right now. Another path exists upwards that takes you to the heart of The Great Tree and to the final boss fight: Sapblood Heart.

Sapblood Heart

The Sapblood Heart is a tough boss fight. Especially after spirits start controlling the heart. Try to decrease its health bar as much as possible before this happens. Initially, the boss attacks hanging from a fixed position. After a while, spirits will start to appear and take over the heart and attack you as well.

Don’t focus on the spirits and keep on dodging their attacks to damage the heart. You can temporarily weaken the heart by knocking out the spirits for a short while.

The Sapblood Heart attacks using its Fog Breath that you can easily dodge. It also attacks using its sword and tries to crush you by running across the screen.

The key is to keep yourself mobile and lightweight and focus solely on attacking the Sapblood Heart only. You will have to dodge and roll a lot in this fight.

Once that is done, climb up the ladder and use the Luminstone inside the stone circle to learn a new Rune Combination. This combination will let you access the next region: Dreadstone Peak. That is all for Corvius Mire in Salt and Sacrifice.

Optional locations and boss fights

Veruna’s Shrine

As soon as you enter the shrine, the Mage Hunt for Mechanomancer starts. Completing this will let you open the earlier sealed door. Enter and find a lot of loot and the Corvin Set. You can also find an Exotic Strand northeast from here and a Nameless Mechanomancer fight in the northwest.

Betrayal Crag

Enter this area by heading east from The Great Tree. Here you can start the Named Mage Hunt for the Luminimancer and also find a shortcut connecting to Verdant Ruins. Furthermore, by using Luminstone Circle, grappling, and platforming, you can find the Emerald Tome of Fates and once again meet Inqisuistor Selet.

Heading west, you’ll reach the top of Corvius Mire, where there are a lot of enemies to deal with. But also a lot of loot to grab. Grapple to the east to find Herbalist Set and a Nameless Corpumancer Hunt.

Fetid Ruins

Exists southwest of Darkearth Lair. Here you can find an obelisk, Elder’s Set, and a Dragon’s Tongue. Head towards the east, where there is a Verdant Knight. You will find a Lumistone Circle here. Activate it to make an ethereal grapple point appear on the east side. Climb up using it to find a sack of Voidepyr Trios. The next area will contain a chest of Oceye Set and Goldenpyr Trios.

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