How to earn money fast in Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising

Mahirul Alam Chowdhury
By Mahirul Alam Chowdhury
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Follow our guide and earn some quick Baqua (money) in Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising.

Just like any JRPG or RPG, money is an essential possession in Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising. You’ll need it for upgrades as well as for purchasing accessories, items, consumables, and materials. Hence, to keep your heroes and town in the best shape for your long, arduous journey, you’ll need a lot of Baqua; money in Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising.

You don’t want to see yourself falling short when trying to get the newest upgrades. So it is always a good idea to keep yourself as loaded with money as possible. Upgrading your characters and various aspects of the town is very important if you want to grow stronger and stand against the many enemies in the game.

In this guide, we’ll outline how you can earn money fast in Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising.

In general, there are three ways to earn Baqua or money quickly in Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising, let’s have a look at all the three ways.

1. Exploring Dungeons

The most effective way to rack up cash in the game is by exploring the dungeons in the game. The dungeons are full of chests to be opened containing different rewards, breakable objects that drop Baqua, materials to sell, and much more. Furthermore, here you can find pots that contain thousands of Baqua and some farming locations that rack up money.

Moreover, as you explore them, don’t avoid fighting enemies and collecting materials; you can always use the extra XP and sell the materials.

Always head to a dungeon if you are short on cash, especially at the early stages of the game.

Quarry Farming location

earn money Eiyuden Chronicle Quarry farming

The Quarry has an excellent farming location that can get you almost 8k Baquas. Go to the Quarry fast travel sign. Fast Travel to the Fishing Spot. Go right and climb up the wooden ledges till you reach the room with the rail tracks and the two mini-bosses. Defeat them and move forward to find a chest, a large pot, and a giant Topaz Crystal. Take the loot from the chest, and mine the Topaz.

The pot and the Topaz always respawn whenever you come back, so this place is a reliable source to earn money in a very short time in Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising. Repeat this side of the Quarry five or six times whenever you need a boost for your wallet.

2. Selling Items in the Pawnshop

Always explore, break pots and boxes, gather materials, and fight enemies as much as you can. You will often find many valuable and rare items from them, along with the Baqua. Selling these items and materials will earn you a lot of Baqua.

Additionally, keep the upgrade materials with you even if it seems of no use to you. You will find that they get a high price in shops. Hoarding may occasionally become stressful, but the big wad of Baqua you’ll get afterward is not only satisfying but also very useful.

You can sell any of the items in the Pawnshop in town, located on Second Street. Upgrade the shop to sell items with a higher price, and increase your profit. Keep your eyes out for materials needed to upgrade the shop as well. Sell them after you’re done upgrading with shop with them.

The items to make the most efficient profit in the Pawnshop are:

  • Rare Stone
  • Monster Fossil
  • Ancient Scrap
  • Ancient Currency
  • Ancient Trinket
  • Ancient Sculpture

3. Take up Resident Quests

Resident Quest money Eiyuden Chronicle

Resident Quests are like the game’s side quests that appear on the town’s Bulletin Board. Go to the Plaza and interact with the Bulletin Board to look up the many Resident Quests offered. They are basically errands, requests by the resident of the town. They consist of many tasks, such as finding a specific item or defeating a certain enemy. Nevertheless, all of them have their reward depending on the job’s difficulty.

The advantage of taking up Resident Quests is that you will also be going through the other mentioned ways of earning Baqua. As part of the objective, you will be exploring dungeons where you will come across profitable items, loots, and Baquas from enemies, pots, and crates. In short, finishing Resident Quests will automatically take you through the other two ways to earn money fast in Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising. An all-in-one solution to make you rich.

These are the sure-shot ways to grow your wallet quickly in the game. Of course, you can follow your personal methods suitable to you. It all depends on the personal playstyle.

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