Saints Row: All Main Characters and Voice Actors

Here is a complete list of all main characters and their voice actors in Saints Row.

The new Saints Row is coming as the reboot of the fan-favorite action RPG series of all time. So, this Saints Row game does have a lot of hype it will need to live up to. In the game, fans can explore the huge open world and go on an adventure, talking with different people and doing all kinds of quests. In fact, on your journey, you will get to know all sorts of characters.

Moreover, if you are wondering who these characters are and who has voiced them. Below we have made a complete guide on all the main characters and their voice actors in Saints Row.

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All Main Characters And Their Voice Actors In Saints Row

Inside the game, you can customize the playable character who will be the crew’s boss. Although, you can customize your team, too, choosing what you want in your gang. But selecting the best crew members is important since it will affect your gameplay. In addition, when you start the game and reach character creation, you will see an option called “Set Their Voice.”

Saints Row Voice Actors
Credit- THQ

This option will allow you to change the voice of your boss. Furthermore, different actors have voiced this boss you will create, and below, we have made a complete list of all the characters and their voice characters.

  • Max Mittelman: Boss Voice 1
  • Erica Lindbeck: Boss Voice 2
  • Catero Colbert: Boss Voice 3
  • Bryce Charles: Boss Voice 4
  • Antony Del Rio: Boss Voice 5
  • Emily O’Brien: Boss Voice 6
  • Adam Gold: Boss Voice 7
  • Rachel Butera: Boss Voice 8
  • Greg Chun: Kevin
  • Eugene Byrd: Eli
  • Jeannie Tirado: Neenah
  • David DeSantos: Miguel Hidalgo

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