Digimon Survive: Best Digimon Tier list

Here is a complete Tier list of all the characters in Digimon Survive.

The newest addition to Digimon games is Digimon Survive. This game will let you explore, battle other Digimon and befriend Digimon. This List of Digimon includes all kinds of Digimon with their style and attacks. Furthermore, in Digimon Survive, Strategy plays a big part, and having Digimon is essential. So below, we have made a complete list of the Best Digmon along with a Tier list of all the Digimon in Digimon Survive.

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Top 5 Best Digimon in Digmon Survive

There are around 113 Digimon in Digimon Survive, but choosing the best among them can be very challenging. Each of these unique Digimon has different kinds and stats, So for players to have a better idea of who to choose in the game, we have listed down the best 5 Digimon in Digimon Survive below.


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Among all 113 Digimon in the game, Omegamon is the strongest Digimon in-game. So, no doubt, having it in your deck will significantly boost your chances of winning a match. Omegamon could be your secret weapon in every battle, having enough strength to destroy everything in its path. In addition, it is the only Digimon in Digimon Survive with the Super Ultimate Form, which contributes to its power.

Omegamon Base Stats:

  • Health: 1526
  • SP: 31
  • Physical Attack: 245
  • Physical Defense: 142
  • Special Attack: 230
  • Special Defense: 177
  • Speed: 120

Omegamon Passive Skill

This passive is called Final Holy Knight, and this skill increases the amount of damage done by two ranks by Fire and Light attacks. It also increases the amount taken by Wraithful types two ranks.


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Getting a Digimon to its Ultimate form can be quite the hassle. However, some Digimons are worth spending that much time on. One of those Digimon is MagnaAngemon. Inside the game, it is one of the most powerful Perfect Digimon. You can obtain him directly if you don’t want to evolve it from Patamon, but you will have to wait until the third chapter of the game to get him.

MagnaAngemon Base Stats:

  • Health: 610
  • SP: 98
  • Physical attack: 103
  • Physical Defense: 85
  • Special Attack: 175
  • Special Defense: 97
  • Speed: 52

MagnaAngemon Passive Skill

MagnaAngemon’s Passive Skill is called Justice Genome and increases the damage of Light attacks by 15%.


Credit-Credit-Namco Bandai Games America Inc.

Coming to one of the most fan favorites, Digimon of all time. Not only is Greymon popular, but he can also be one of the best Digimon in your deck, which can turn the tides of a battle—growing from a small-sized baby dinosaur to a Powerhouse Greymon, no wonder he is an excellent addition to any team. In fact, all forms of Agumon are fantastic to have in your squad, depending on your Karma.

Greymon Base Stats:

  • Health: 645
  • SP: 31
  • Physical attack: 71
  • Physical Defense: 105
  • Special Attack: 55
  • Special Defense: 60
  • Speed: 44

Greymon Passive Ability:

His ability is called Living Weapon, which raises the Physical Attacks by one rank.


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Evolution in Digimon is tough to predict as some Digimon might become one of the most powerful and others would not. So keeping your favorite Digimon inside the game can in challenging to keep in your party. Gallantmon is the final form of Guilmonand, and he can easily be one of the Digimon who has the best Digivolution in the game. Furthermore, Gallontmon is one of the Royal Knights members, one of the most powerful Digimon in the Digimon Universe. It has good moves which can be very effective, along with stats and passive skills that complement its attacks.

Gallantmon Base Stats:

  • Health: 1024
  • SP: 126
  • Physical attack: 191
  • Physical Defense: 122
  • Special Attack: 200
  • Special Defense: 138
  • Speed: 91

Gallantmon Passive Skill:

This Digimon has an excellent passive skill which is called All-Rounder. It increases all Physical Attacks, Special attacks, and Speed by one rank.


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The last Digimon on our best Digimon List is Labramon which acts as a support in your game. It is the first healer Digimon you will come across in the game. Keep him in your party, as he will digivolve into much stronger forms and be a valuable addition to your squad. In fact, the best part about Labramon is his passive skill which can give you an edge in every battle.

Labramon Base Stats:

  • Health: 390
  • SP: 32
  • Physical attack: 61
  • Physical Defense: 48
  • Special Attack: 67
  • Special Defense: 51
  • Speed: 32

Labramon Passive Skill

The passive skill of Labramon is Watchdog which increases the amount of HP you can recover by one rank.

Digimon Survive Tier List

To give you guys a better understanding of the best Digimon you can find in the game. Below we have made a complete Tier List of all the Digimon in Digimon Survive. Moreover, this Tier List will include four different Tiers where we put each Digimon in the Tier they deserve to be.

TierCharacter Name
Best (S-Tier)Omegamon, Anubismon, Baihumon, Bancho Stingmon, Beelzemon, Ceresmon, Cherubimon, Dinorexmon, Gallantmon, Gran Kuwagamon, Hercules Kabuterimon,, Puppetmon, Plesiomon, Plutomon, Azulongmon, Rosemon, Saber Leomon, Sakuyamon, Sakuyamon, Seraphimon, Spinomon, Varodurumon, Voltobautamon, War Greymon, Ebonwumon, and Zhuqiaomon, Marine Devimon, Okuwamon, Metal Greymon, Etemon, Mega Seadramon, Blossomon, Monzaemon, Yatagaramon, Archnemon.
Good (A-Tier)Marine Devimon, Okuwamon, Metal Greymon, Etemon, Mega Seadramon, Blossomon, Monzaemon, Yatagaramon, Archnemon, Megadramon
Holy Angemon, Mega Kabuterimon, Garudamon, Lilymon, Zudomon, Angewomon, Fangmon, Seadramon, Diatrymon, Flymon, Angemon, Kabuterimon, and Birdramon, Magnadramon, Phoenixmon, Fanglongmon, Marine Angemon, Metal Garurumon, Metal Seadramon, Machinedramon, Piedmon
Average (B-Tier)Vegimon, Tyranomon, Wendimon, Cyclomon, Kuwagamon, Guardromon, Growmon, Renamon, Betamon, Gazimon, Garurumon, Numemon, Meramon, Deltamon, Greymon, Shellmon, Vegimon, Were Garurumon, Vamdemon, Triceramon, Cerberumon, Andiramon, Mermaimon, Taomon, Panjyamon, Andromon, Blue Meramon, and Gigadramon.
Not Recommended (C-Tier)Togemon, Ikkakumon, TailmonSiesamon, Dokugumon, Tyranomon, Tuskmon, Sangloupmon, Turuiemon, Wendimon, Kyubimon, Leomon, Kiwimon, Cyclomon, Kuwagamon, Guardromon, Growmon, and Dobermon.


This Tier includes the best Digimon inside Digimon Survive. They have the best attack, ability, and defense out of all the other Digimons. Taking a Digimon from this Tier will surely give you an edge in battle, helping you clinch victory over your enemies. We have added all kinds of Ultimate and Super Ultimate Digimon to this List.


Inside the A-Tier, we have added Digimons which are great to use. They are good to use, and if you use them well enough, some of them might be S-Tier Digimon for you. Furthermore, all the Digimons added to this List are versatile and can be adaptive to your strategy.


The B-Tier Digimon are not the worst Digimon, well as not the best ones you can use. You can use them to do good offense and defense. But if you are looking to go for a fight that will be somewhat of a challenge, Digimon from this Tier will not be able to give you the victory.


Coming to the last Tier, you should only use Digimon from this Tier to have fun in the game or just to try them out. Doing competitive battles with them or going against a good opponent is not recommended with this set of Digimon.

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