Xenoblade Chronicles 3: How To Fast Travel

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Fast Travelling in Xenoblade Chronicles 3 can be beneficial for you to reach places.

The latest installment to the Xenoblade series is out now. It is the third Japanese role-playing game from the series, which invites you on an adventure to explore. Xenoblade Chronicles 3 is an open-world game where you can travel, explore and do missions. However, exploring such a vast open world, you need to have Fast Travel backing you up. So below, we have made a complete guide on how to Fast Travel in Xenoblade Chronicles 3.

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How to Fast Travel in Xenoblade Chronicles 3

Using the fast travel option is essential to go from one place to another without wasting time. Although to use this fast Travel option first you will have to discover places to go to them again. There are different kinds of places you can travel to inside the map: Landmarks, Rest Spots, Colonies, Named Graves, and Secret Areas.

Landmarks are important or unique places you will come across in the game. Rest spots are places you will camp and rest your characters. Colonies are where you will be able to talk with people. Secret areas are like Landmarks, but it is very tough to locate them. However, you can return to them if you do come across one.

Credit- Nintendo

After you visit any of the places mentioned above once on your journey, players can fast travel back to them anytime. Moreover, to Fast Travel, just go to the main menu, and choose the map. In fact, select the place you visited and choose the Skip Travel button to use the Fast Travel Option. In all, starting from doing quests and missions in a different location to returning to stock up on items. Fast Travel is the answer to all of your problems in the game.

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