Rise of The Guard in NA VALORANT scene

Rifat Bin Yusuf
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The North America VALORANT scene presents a tough competition on the newcomers. It takes months, if not years, to gain a foothold in the NA scene before getting recognized. In the case of The Guard, the saga developed quite fast. 

North America houses some of the most prestigious teams like Sentinels, 100 & Optic. The presence of such high-budget & reputed teams makes it harder for underdog teams to climb up the ladder. However, it seems that the Guard has been able to overcome such odds quite comfortably. 

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The Guard 

After defeating 100T with a 13-0 scoreline, this relatively low-profile team appeared on everyone’s radar.  Previously, they have beaten teams like LG & XSET during the Open Qualifiers of NA Stage 1 Challengers. Such victories are bound to grab the attention of the VALORANT community & the analysts. 

Did the team appear out of nowhere? No. In fact, they have been dominating the Tier-2 scene since the start of 2022. On their way towards the spotlight, The Guard has defeated some underrated teams like SoaR, Resonate & Team Volted, etc. 

During the NSG Winter Championship: Open 14 tournament, the Guard revealed their true potential. Analysts could predict just how much more the team was capable of. They have managed to grab the Championship title with a remarkable show of performance. 

Presumably, their performance in the Challenger series silenced the critics. Currently, they are playing the Group Stage of the NA Stage 1 Challengers & surprisingly, they are yet to take a loss. Standing on top of the group, the Guard is seemingly becoming a powerhouse of North America. 

Source vlr.gg

The Guard Roster

  • valyn 
  • JonahP
  • Sayaplayer
  • trent
  • neT

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It’s obvious that the team’s actual goal is to secure a seat for the Masters 1 in April. Even though the team is having a cinderella run, the pressure will definitely barge in once they are on the Main Event of Challengers 1. With that said, pros & analysts will be closely observing the Guard’s approach to deal with such pressure.

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