Rioter Shows How Elysia From Honkai Impact Would Look Like in League of Legends

Fahim Shahriar
By Fahim Shahriar
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Image Credit: Riot Games & raikoart

Rioter shows off a beautiful rendition of Elysia From Honkai Impact.

Riot has finally released the much-awaited DRX skins after months of anticipation. The skin line will include seven new skins, one for each of the team’s players and an additional Worlds Prestige skin, to celebrate the Kingen’s 2022 Worlds finals MVP performance.

Furthermore, to commemorate the launch of the skins, Riot Raiko, an Illustration Artist at Riot Games, has drawn a lovely illustration of Elysia, on which DRX Ashe is based. The art shows off how Elysia would look if she were a League of Legends champion.

As everyone knows, Riot allows world champions to design their own skins. As a result, BeryL requested that Riot model the DRX Ashe skin after Elysia, a character from the game Honkai Impact. Riot designed the stunning DRX Ashe skin in response to the player’s request.

Despite the skin’s stunning aesthetic, the professional support player has some reservations about the skin.

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BeryL is a bit disappointed

During a recent live stream, BeryL addressed some of his disappointments about the skin. In it, he claimed that Riot had overlooked several of Elysia’s major design elements.

Image Credits: miHoYo

The Elysia basic model that BeryL provided Riot as a reference had a fashionable cut on the left side of her dress. According to BeryL, it is an essential aspect of her style and was included in the skin’s planning phase. However, it is not present in the final version of the DRX Ashe skin. As a result, he was pretty dissatisfied with the skin.

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