Riot to buff Teemo, Ekko, Evelynn, Lissandra, Nami, Senna, and Xayah on LoL patch 11.17

Teemo, Ekko, Evelynn, Lissandra, Nami, Senna, and Xayah are getting some notable buffs on League of Legends patch 11.17.

League of Legends’ Lead Game Designer, Riot Jag has previewed the upcoming LoL patch 11.17. The last couple of patches were all about shifting the meta and patch 11.17 is no different.

While some of the “overpowered” champions are getting nerfs, Riot is going to buff seven champions—Teemo, Ekko, Evelynn, Lissandra, Nami, Senna, and Xayah on the upcoming patch.

Ekko and Lissandra are the two mid-lane champions who are getting buff on patch 11.17. Ekko is one of the few champions in League of Legends who is yet to receive any kind of balance update in Season 11. Because of that, currently, he only has a 49.42% win rate and 4.9% pick rate.

On the other hand, Lissandra did receive one buff in season 11 but her presence in soloq is pretty much the same as Ekko.

Although Evelynn received a new legendary skin in League of Legends, she hasn’t received any kind of balance update this season. She however does have an 11.5% ban rate but her win rate is just 48.29%. Therefore, Riot is buffing her in the upcoming patch.

Even though Teemo already received three buffs in season 11, his presence is pretty much non-existence in the soloq. He barely has a 1% pick rate and a 48% win rate in Plat+ Elo. But after this buff, The Swift Scout might make a comeback in the current meta.

Lastly, three bot lane champions–Nami, Senna, and Xayah are also getting some notable buffs on patch 11.17.

All the buffs will be available in patch 11.17 PBE for testing and full changes are scheduled to go live on Wednesday, Aug 25, 2021.

Teemo Buff

  • E:
    • Damage on Hit: 11-55 >>> 14-58

Ekko Buff

  • Passive:
    • Damage against monsters: 150% >>> 200%

Evelynn Buff

  • R:
    • Cooldown: 140-80 >>> 120-80

Lissandra Buff

  • Base stats:
    • AD: 53 >>> 55
  • Q:
    • Mana cost: 60-80 >>> 55-75

Nami Buff

  • Base stats:
    • HP: 475 >>> 490
  • W:
    • Mana cost: 70-130 >>> 70-110

Senna Buff

  • Base stats:
    • AS Ratio: 0.4 >>> 0.45
    • Crit Damage: 150% >>> 160%
  • Passive:
    • Soul Rate drop on minion kill: 4.166% >>> 8.33%

Xayah Buff

  • Q:
    • Cast time: 0.25 >>> 0.25-0.1 Scaling with Attack Speed
  • R:
    • Damage: 125-375 >>> 200-400

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