Graves, Irelia, Kayn, Leona, and Zed are getting some massive nerfs on patch 11.17

Ali Ahmed Akib
By Ali Ahmed Akib
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Riot Games to nerf Graves, Irelia, Kayn, Leona, and Zed in League of Legends patch 11.17.

League of Legends’ Lead Game Designer, Riot Jag has previewed the upcoming LoL patch 11.17. The last couple of patches were all about shifting the meta and patch 11.17 is no different. Riot is nerfing some of the “overpowered” champions who are currently dominating the soloq like Irelia, Kayn (blue), and Zed. Moreover, Leona and Graves are also on the nerf list as well.

All the nerfs along with Viego nerf will be available in patch 11.17 PBE for testing and full changes are scheduled to go live on Wednesday, Aug 25, 2021.

Graves Nerf Patch 11.17

  • Q:
    • Mana Cost: 60 >>> 80

Out of all the champions who are getting nerfs on patch 11.17, Graves’ nerf might be shocking to some players. He doesn’t have any fancy win rate — only 48.81% to be more precise, however, he has a 9.2% pick rate in Plat+ Elo. And that pick rate only increases at higher Elos — 10%+ pick rate in Master+.

Therefore, even without having a massive win rate in soloq, Graves is scheduled to receive nerf on patch 11.17.

Irelia Nerf Patch 11.17

  • Q:
    • Heal: 12-20% AD >>> 8-16%

After getting her mini-rework on patch 11.14, things accelerated very quickly for Irelia in League of Legends. That change seems to be so good on her that, her pick rate increased more than 6% in one patch.

Even though Riot did nerf her on patch 11.15, she is still dominating the soloq like no other. Currently, she has a 50.42% win rate while having the highest 43.6% ban rate in Plat+ Elo. And based on her stats this nerf was pretty much destined.

Kayn Nerf Patch 11.17

  • Passive:
    • Bonus Magic Damage: 12-44% >>> 8-30%

Another champion who is currently dominating the soloq is Kayn. At the current meta, many players are going blue form. And instead of building the classic assassin build on him blue form, players are straight-up building the bruiser items to have more sustain while doing an insane amount of damage. Therefore, Riot is trying to get rid of Blue Kayn’s dominance with this patch 11.17 nerf.

Leona Nerf Patch 11.17

  • W:
    • Bonus Armor/MR: 20-45 >>> 15-40

Leona is the only support champion who is getting nerfs on patch 11.17. She currently has a 50.73% win rate while having an 11.0% pick rate and a 24.2% ban rate. Furthermore, she also has an astonishing 59% presence in the pro games as well.

Zed Nerf Patch 11.17

  • Q:
    • AD Ratio: 100% >>> 110%
  • E:
    • Ratio: 80% >>> 65%
  • R:
    • Cooldown: 120-60 >>> 120-80

While Blue Kayn is dominating the jungle, on patch 11.6, Zed pretty much rules the mid-lane. Currently, he has a whopping 40.7% ban rate in Plat+ which is the second-highest ban rate in the game. And that ban rate only increases in the lower Elo. Moreover, he also has a 50.22% win rate and 11.6% ban rate as well.

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By Ali Ahmed Akib Editor-in-chief
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