Riot Teases Reworked Spirit Guard Udyr Skin

Rifat Mahmood
By Rifat Mahmood
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Image Via Riot Games

Udyr is getting a massive rework this year. And Riot just teased how his ultimate skin, Spirit Guard Udyr, will look.

Udyr is the next major rework coming to League of Legends. In a fan vote almost a year ago, Udyr won by a large margin and was selected for a massive rework. Although Udyr still had a dedicated player base, his kit and visuals were heavily outdated and needed a rework. Skarner came in second, and he is also up for a rework after Udyr.

VGU Voting Results
VGU Voting Results, Image Via Riot Games

Players can get an idea about reworks from Fiddlesticks and Dr. Mundo’s reworks. Riot’s goal is to rework the champions to fit the modern League of Legends.

Udyr Reworked Abilities

There’s not much detail about new Udyr abilities and kit. But Riot plans to keep Udyr’s animal stance identity. But they want to add a bit more depth to these abilities and stances. He will still be a melee champion without any dashes. But he will have something called ‘Super Stances’, where he can recast an active stance to use the super version on a cooldown.

Spirit Guard Udyr Update

Spirit Guard Udyr is his ultimate skin and can easily be the best Ultimate skin in League of Legends. So Riot is treading lightly when it comes to this fan-favorite skin.

Reav3 said on the April 2022 Champion Roadmap, “Base Udyr is finished at this point and now we are focusing on his skin catalog, with most of the team working on his Spirit Guard skin. We really want to pour a lot of love and attention into that skin, with it being an Ultimate and all.”

Riot also released some concept art for Spirit Guard Udyr and the in-game model.

Spirit Guard Udyr Rework
Spirit Guard Udyr Rework (Concept), Image Via Riot Games
In-Game Concept
In-Game Model (Concept), Image Via Riot Games

Udyr’s character model seems different. But the skin will have some resemblance to the pre-reworked Spirit Guard Udyr. Also, it will use the same animal stances as before (Tiger, Turtle, Bear, and Phoenix)

“We wanted Spirit Guard to immortalize his old animal forms, while also cranking them up to 11”, Riot Reav3 said.

Does this mean Udyr will have more animal stances than just 4? Only time will tell.

Rifat Mahmood is a former League of Legends writer at GameRiv.