Riot reveals all the champions who are getting Prestige Skins in 2021

Ahead of season 11, Riot Games has outlined the champions who are getting new Prestige Skins in 2021.

Prestige skins are limited-edition items that are either obtainable with Prestige Points or tokens from in-game events. It has been a great year for Prestige Skins as with the upcoming Soraka and Diana skin, there will a total of 13 Prestige Skins released in 2020 where 5 of them are Prestige Point Skins and 8 of them are Event Prestige Skins.

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And now, Riot Games has outlined all the champions who are getting new Prestige Skins in 2021. Here are the confirmed 2021 Prestiges that will be in the May/June shop:

  • Fiora (Event Prestige)
  • Leona (Prestige Points)
  • Lulu (Event Prestige)
  • TBD Conqueror (Prestige Points)

Riot hasn’t confirmed the fourth champion who is getting the Prestige Skin by May/June 2021, but they said they will be considering champions that had an impact on pro play in 2020.

However, Riot is bringing in some major changes to the Prestige system next year, including retiring Prestige Points and changing the way players acquire Prestige skins.

Prestige Fiora, Leona, Lulu, and that unknown champion’s skin will be released in the first half of 2021 and will be in the shop by May/June. And finally after these skins, in mid-2021, Riot will announce the new model and the future of Prestige skins in League of Legends.


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